Township: My Newest Addiction

If you see me holding my mobile horizontally, I am certainly building & developing my town. Township is my newest addiction on my mobile phone. It is a free-to-play city building game.

Lot of people around me think this is just another version of long lost “Farmville“. Undoubtedly Farmville was also my addiction in those days. Township is much different when compared with Farmville. Farmville was all about farming where as Township is all about developing a town with Farms, Factories, Communtiy Buildings as well as Residential areas. It strongly emphasizes on well controlled, sustained development of a town.

Developed by Playrix Entertainment, this game is available for all mobile platforms like Android, iOS etc.

After installing the game you get few thousand coins, few plots to start farming, community building and small population. It works on actual principle of Town Planning or Development. To develop a town, one requires population and infrastructure for the population to live happily. As the farming starts, people from the town come to you for buying the farm produce. They pay you coins and some XP (eXperience Points). Coins help you in growing your town by way spending and XP help you in level progression. Also there is cash which comes very rarely in the initial levels and gradually becomes more frequent. Level progression enabled various products that can be produced in the town.

With the coins you can setup Animal Farming like Cowshed, Chicken Coop, Pig Farm, Sheep Farm, Bee Apiary etc. as well as factories like Dairy factory, Sugar factory, Snacks factory, Bakery, Fast Food restaurant, Tailor shop etc . These factories consume the products of farming as inputs and process them to finished goods. To increase the population, one must have community buildings. Each community building like Library, Theatre, Taxi Stand, Car Parking etc. has a human capacity to spport. To build these community buildings, one needs Concrete slabs, Bricks and Glass panes. These items are delivered by Trains. The same trains carry goods produced in the farms and factories of our town to other towns worldwide.

Once the community buildings are built, one can start building houses for the population to leave. Each type of house / apartment / building has it’s own capacity to accommodate certain population only. Farming can be expanded only after the opulation rises. This is unlike Farmville where you could digs farms till you had coins and cash. Your town can be expanded by spending some coins, employing partial population and using spade, axe etc. that are also delivered via the trains.

There is also an old airport which has been shut down since ages. At a certain level, you are required to spend some coins and tools to renovate it and bring back to service. Once the airport is repaired, you can also deliver the produce from farms and factories to overseas clients. There is also an old mine which has been shut down for quite some time. Put some more coins and resources and that mine will be working actively. Mining there for ores with help of pickaxe, dynamite and TNT (also delivered by Trains) and later putting it in foundry shop to form metal ingots. These ingots of copper, silver, gold and platinum help to upgrade your factories to next level. Upgrading the factories will help boosting the production by reducing processing time, increasing more slots to hold raw materials and finished goods, and raising their value by additional coins and XP. While mining you will also find some old archeological artifacts which are to be supplied to museum to make a collection there.

There is also a ship yard which brings various exotic fruits and vegetables from other islands as they are not cultivable in the farms. These fruits and vegetables are also processed in the factories and then sold to customers via direct visits to my town, trains or by aeroplane.

There are lot of inter-dependencies between the farms, factories and goods from ships. There is limited time to produce fill up crates in the aeroplane and let it fly out. Early birds get bonus miles and name is published on the leaderboards. Trains however do not have any time limits to fill up. However more the delay to fill up goods, more the time it takes to come back with articles for building community buildings and mining materials.

You can build roads and pavements of your choice with available options so the population has good infrastructure to travel around city. There is also a City market that sells finished products as well as raw materials which you can buy with your accumulated coins and cash to deliver it urgently to clients via any of the medium. You can develop your town individually or join a co-op (group of towns) for developing the town. If you are in a co-op, then you can ask for goods and can also help co-op members with goods to fulfil requirements of their towns. Apart from co-op, you can make Friends and help them fill crates on the aeroplane or wagons on the trains. All of this generous work gives you back coins, XP as well as bonus miles on the leaderboards.

Township helps to learn various skills like prioritizing work, setting up achievable targets, connecting inter-dependencies while keeping production separate, ensuring that production lines in the factories are never under utilized, sharing with others in the society. As an outcome of all these you will have a growing town with large population, sufficient farming, more factories and lots of community buildings and friends.

Cities around us have developed mostly on same lines except for a small difference that is, in real life community buildings have been given least priority. Else our country would have been a developed country like other Western world.

My Town

At present my town has –

  1. 3 Cowshed with 6 cows in each, totalling 18 cows.
  2. 3 Chicken coop with 6 chickens in each, totalling 18 chickens
  3. 2 Sheep farms with 6 Sheeps in each, totalling 12 Sheep’s
  4. 1 Bee Apiary with 6 boxes.
  5. 1 Pig farm with 6 pigs
  6. 3 Feed factories that produce feed for all these animals.
  7. Dairy factory
  8. Sugar factory
  9. Textile factory
  10. Snack factory
  11. Paper factory
  12. Ice cream factory
  13. Pastry factory
  14. Jam factory
  15. Rubber factory
  16. Plastic factory
  17. Candy factory
  18. Bakery
  19. Tailor shop
  20. Fast food restaurant
  21. Mexican restaurant
  22. Foundry

Additionally 40 Community buildings, 80 Residential houses and buildings, 69 farming plots and a population of 4,355 people.

I can write more n more, endlessly about Township, but would prefer to stop here.

Get > Set > Download > Install and have fun building your own town…


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