Only 30 kmph….?

Prakash sent me this video over WhatsApp with no caption or description. I gave a thought for a minute whether I should download it? No, I am not worried about the bytes it will eat from the monthly package. I have been always disliked media without description sent over WhatsApp. Especially the videos. I delete 95% of such stuffs.

It was a slowdown at work. I opted to download this one while taking a coffee from unmanned vending machine. Zooooop…. It was downloaded before the machine dispensed my drink. I purposely choose to walk on the other side of cafeteria sipping the coffee and watching the video. It was about a simulation done to identify how much speed of vehicles is good in residential areas?

Some say 50 kmph and other numbers. One says if in hurry, 80 kmph is also fine. The simulation concludes that 30 kmph or lesser speed is always good in residential area. Helps you avoid an accident if someone appears in front of your vehicle all of a sudden. This video was a very good video and I immediately felt the need to forward it to my broadcast group.

Looking at the simulation, I went back 5 years (2013) in my timeline. Sitting on the road I was searching for my spectacles in the streetlight. Lot of people were around me but only 2-3 close to me. That was same moment when I found them and he stamped upon it crushing them into pieces. Although I work in computer age, I couldn’t act in micro seconds to save my spectacles from his anger. I saw faint visuals about his fist coming in my face. I could get out of its way and save myself from being punched.

I realized I was knocked down by a bike while I was crossing the busy street circling Talaopali. The rider and pillion, unknown to me, were already abusing me as their Unicorn was also on ground. One or two men came to my help while my brother-in-law held them back from punching me. The two mentioned that their bike was very slow, like 40kmph and that was their basic right on the street.

It was pointless to argue with those Indians but important to save self and make way out towards doctor. I realized I wasn’t injured much like no severe cuts and bleeds although impact of the bike hitting me was significant. As they went away with their bike, I got support to stand-up. I started walking and could walk clear initially. Barely completed 5 steps, I realized the pain building up in my right knee and movement getting disturbed. I thought like I would need support. We reached home (1 km. away) in some minutes and I was relieved to rest on bed. Parents, wife and sister – everyone around me was worried about my condition. Icebag was placed on the knee followed by a dinner with discussion on how I could be so careless while crossing the road, anger about them knocking me and intentional crushing of my spectacles. The day ended with pain in my right knee while I slipped into sleep.

I reached office the following day managing the pain in the knee and with a different style of walking to avoid being hurt more. An appointment was booked with an Orthopedic in the evening. He examined me after taking an X-ray. In his opinion my ligament was affected and would need serious treatment to avoid problems in the long run. Some medications and an LP belt was recommended to treat this further. The medicines costed few hundred rupees but the belt was costing few thousand rupees. I could skip the belt and rely on medicines. Within three days the medicines worked and I was out of pain, walking normally on all types of surfaces.

Sometimes I feel the pain in right knee when the temperatures drop significantly in my city. I still remember the day when it happened. We have advanced significantly and such simulations are helping build a better society. I immediately had to forward the video to my broadcast list of about 150 people on WhatsApp. Everyone should help forward this video and create an awareness in public.

30 kmph is enough… 🙂

It happened to me, it may happen to you… care should be taken to avoid this situation…. 🙂


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