National Anthem, National Issue…


I had written this almost 6 months back for someone and it never went ahead… these are purely my thoughts…

India is known to be going through a massive transformation and analysts speculating the India Growth Story, globally. While the 2nd highest populous country is struggling with it internal issues around racism, corruption, sanitation etc., there is one more national issue for a debate – National Anthem.
Supreme Court of India recently passed an order to play National Anthem in cinema halls, everyone has to stand-up while it is being played on-screen and some more norms around it. Thereafter I have read numerous articles on how people have opposed this order and how patrons have been beaten or arrested for not abiding the rule in cinema halls. I take back to think before I make a perception for myself about the order. I get a chance to read the original order written over the typewriter and published on Supreme Court of India’s website which strengthens my already existing perception.
Clause (a) of Article 51(A), Fundamental Duties occurring in Part IVA of the Constitution reads as follows:
“51A. Fundamental duties – It shall be the duty of every citizen of India –
(a) to abide by the Constitution and respect its ideals and institutions, the National Flag and the National Anthem”.
Keeping aside the National Anthem for some moments, I would like to touch the VALUE aspect in our personal life. Global observances through various mediums reveal that there has been reduction of values in the upcoming generations. It has also been our observation at home when we think of upbringing in our childhood and do the known mistake of comparing with that of the new generation, flourishing under our parenting. Mere raise of hand by our parents would downgrade our mischievous nature by few notches but the same action of ours teaches them to raise their hand as well. It is a situation where no Crucial Conversations work, no Assertive behavior helps and we regret over the lack of VALUES that can be learnt only in the family by practicing, instead of enforcement. However knowingly we end up sometimes enforcing VALUE(s) on the upcoming generations in way that may invite unwanted revolt and further battering the bruise.
Can you think of the same situation on a big picture view where Supreme Court of India is the sole power \ authority currently observing the loss of values amongst its citizens? You are mistaken if you are thinking they are enforcing the VALUE(s) on you by ordering to play national anthem in the cinema halls before every show. In my view, enforcing term can be used only when they make it mandatory to play the National Anthem at every public place, at all the times. You may then respect the speaker that says “Platform ani Falata madhil antaravar laksh asu dya” in the Mumbai Locals. You are free to imagine the helplessness of those who have been through insane situation mandating them to follow Islam religion by the radical insurgent groups who do not have thorough knowledge themselves.
I am grateful to God that I live in a part of world that has never been short of humanity. It remains my responsibility to respect that part of world and I would never wait to be forced to follow any orders from a national Institution. If we voluntarily accept the fact that we are Indians then it remains our responsibility to respect our sovereignty. If we do not accept to respect the sovereignty, then maybe we have not accepted to be Indian.
I take a last chance to tell you why you must respect the order. If some TellyTalk shows are running through the mall you are in, unfortunately, only to bump into you and ask few lines of National Anthem, you shouldn’t be national disgrace by saying, “I never sang it again after I left my school”. To remind you again, official duration of the National Anthem of India is 52 seconds.


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