a small change…

Blogging has been very much a part of my life.  On and off. I usually try to find time while in transit to write down something on my mobile. Adapting my habit with available resources has always been my way.

I started my habit of blogging when i was using a very very basic mobile with T9 keypad. But i had a corporate blackberry device with no restrictions on usage. I used to type in the memopad on the blackberry whenever i had some time > save it in drafts > write more when time is available > edit and publish.

I was getting more adjisted to it and used it more and more. After some time my very very basic mobile was replaced with an very very basic android mobile which was Karbonn A1+ with gingerbread. Apart from blogging, i like hogging garlicbread. 🙂 my mobile was installed with whatsapp. In the mean time I had modified my wired internet to wireless internet. A new equation in life happened. Wireless internet + android phone = whatsapp chat. I had spent much a time getting adapted to the Forwards culture of Whatsapp. I had a thought that Whatsapp was meant for only conversations unlike the emails where you can forward anything that you wish too.

One day a thought struck to my mind. How about blogging via android mobile? Good thought. Check for wordpress apps in android market. Yes. It was there. I punched the INSTALL button as hard as I could forgetting the fact that it was an android mobile that works with a feather touch, different from the mobile with T9 keypad. The Play store displays message as “Downloading”. The green ray moves from left-to-right and right-to-left like the impatient father cutting time outside operation theatre while the baby is being delivered.

A pop-up then pops up on the screen, much like your baby comes in the world celebrating his birth in french cries. It is an alert notifying of low free space\memory. With a shock and surprise, I check the storage on phone. Who is it? Who is it? Eating away all of the 250 MeBytes that the salesman and phone catalogue was boasting of, during the sales pitch? What’s that? WHATSAPP?

I go to the application to clear off all conversations and group chats. After too much of finger tapping on screen, I confirm that all chats are cleared. I go to storage menu and check the utilization. That has reduced by few KiBytes. Sad. With more research I realize that media exchanged via chats is also part of this Space Eating Regime. Select > Delete > Select > Delete went on for some time in the gallery. When I was out of this, fully satisfied, found there are some backup database created everyday and that occupies some space. Done with that cleanup as well.

The amount of freespace I can now see was quite okay, just to install wordpress. What was the point if it responds slow or hangs the phone completely? I fixed my mind on uninstalling Whatsapp and using that storage for my blogging. But that couldn’t go longer as my wife was bombarded with questions by the known ones. Questions around why I left Whatsapp! It is tough to deal with situations sometimes. So I preferred to keep my blogging limited to only computer and used my mobile for Whatsapp!

As time passed, my very very basic android phone, with gingerbread was replaced by a samsung android phone with jellybean. I like jelly and beans, the french ones, separately. It had a whooping 2GiBytes memory as per the sales pitch and manual. I thought it is good enough for me to dive in and swim on any day when sun is harsh to mankind. The phone came to life when I inserted the battery and powered on, like a new born baby and everyone around me were happy to see my new 4″ baby. Like it happens in a typical middle class family. I am happy to be one of them. 🙂

First things first. After registering phone, I installed Whatsapp. While it was being installed, I thought to confirm the 2GiBytes with my eyes. I went to Settings > Storage. The numbers I saw could make me imagine only a small puddle of water roadside and I can splash water by stepping in on any sunny day. 0.65 GiBytes taken by the Jellies and Beans. 0.5 GiBytes dedicated for running Applications. Remaining GiBytes were meant for application’s data and our personal data. A memory card was required even if I wish to splash my legs instead of a dive-n-swim.

But I had installed Whatsapp, WordPress and Hill Climb Racing all together with few other productive applications. Indeed a periodic cleanup of Whatsapp database and media was required to manage with those few MeBytes available for me. Blogging on a 4″ display is a li’l tough I would say as the keypad takes half of the display. Half of remaining display is taken by utility bar above and the title of our blog. That leaves only 20% of display to type as well as read one line of what you have already typed. But I was satisfied to have the ability for writing something in my free times.

As diwali was nearing, there were lot of offers and discounts around me. I really didn’t have the need to buy a new phone but it is just the offers that make you realize the need and change your decision. I upgraded my samsung to another samsung. I upgraded from 4″ to 5″ display. The battery went up from 1200mAh to 2000mAh. I upgraded from Jelly and Beans to Lollipops. I upgraded from Star Galaxy to J2. New phone brings in “Waah Sunil babu, naya fone… badhiya hai” feeling.

I have 8GiBytes now but I still cannot dive and swim through as 3.5GiBytes are taken away by the Lollipops. But I can install WordPress, Whatsapp, UTorrents and many other applications and all of them work comfortably together. No crises for memory. I can listen to my favorite bollywood music while playing games or watch a movie downloaded from torrents. I had arranged icons of my frequently used applications and games on the home screen to access them very very quickly. The AMOLeD like display of my mobile enriches the movie experience.

While I was indulged into all of these never-before-experienced things, unknowingly I had kept blogging aside. I would get onto games like a thirsty crow and wouldn’t come out of the gaming mode for hours together. Whatsapp hasn’t been interesting anymore except for wishing known ones on their birthdays, anniversaries and exchanging pleasentaries. I continue to be there only for few friends. I spent most of my time playing games and watching movies or online documentaries on youtube.com 🙂

There is a limit for everything as per the law of nature. I had reached the limit or may be I had breached the limit in my family’s view. I was terribly bored of playing games in my relaxing times. I realized about having wordpress installed on this mobile and that this mobile now had enough GiBytes. I should come back to my original reasons why I bought this mobile. I bought it only for help in typing my blogs due to its 5″ display.

Everytime I unlock my mobile, all I could quickly see is one of the games and I would hook myself on them for hours. A change was required to take myself  back from the games. After much a thinking (while playing or not playing), I realized it is more about what comes in front of you. I decided to move the game’s icons on 2nd page of homescreen and to keep the WordPress icon on the very 1st homescreen. The one that comes in front of you after unlocking the mobile, would be accessed more quickly.

I am happy that this move worked well. Even if I may not be using wordpress in all my free time, I have managed to come out of my forever gaming mode. I still play games but only sometimes. Throughout my journey I learnt few things.

• Any available space is always insufficient for us.
• We can manage easily with the available space, but we have a feeling that this isn’t enough.
• Our needs of space keeps on increasing each day.
• There is a different kind of physics (one that comes from within) required to set you in motion, for a change but Newton’s laws can be applied there as well.


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