what happened actually?

“honest is the best policy.” i was taught this line in school. i practiced it throughout my school life since it was written more than once on the blackboard as “Thought for the day”. i practiced it in front of my mother who is either holding a ruler or posed with her hand in air, ready to fly and land on my cheeks. there was a great accelerator in her hands which quickly converted the potential energy to kinetic energy to potential energy as it landed on my cheeks. though not being a graduate, she is more educated from her experiences. as life progressed, times changed at its own pace, i grew in the guidance of my parents (specially mother), the saying modified to “honesty is worst policy”. i realised the change recently after i had taken few decisions in life.

it all starts with curiosity to know something. to know something you must be powered with blessings of the devi(s) and devta(s) that are inscribed in one’s mind. blessings of those whom you follow unconditionally versus material desires/fulfillments. i am supported greatly by one such goddess. the goddess of modern times – GooGLe devi. if i have a desire to know something, GooGLe devi showers her search results. i always believe in asking god for a way to achieve a thing in life instead of asking him to gift the thing. god has left this world for a heaven where there is only peace and no possesion of things. therefore he can only show you ways to get things. like you would ask a pedestrian in matunga for Amba Bhavan restaurent, and he would point his finger in the direction that you have to walk to. for that matter ask someone who is in a car, waiting for someone. he would never offer to drop you there even though he has a car. likewise god only shows you way to achieve the things you desire.

while there is too much of show happening inside the court, there is a parellel show happening outside, by the media in a high profile case. another show is happening in front of tv screen which is helplessly displaying breaking news. the actors in this third show are we, the common man. we are aware of things that happened that night but we don’t know who did what and how much would be one punished. there are speculations ongoing in almost every indian news channels. we are shown a very emotional drama of his life’s journey after what happened that night to this conviction day. but majority indians have their own beliefs. not to forget that we as humans are quick at building perceptions about someone. quite easily we become prejudiced without drilling down till the root of our beliefs.

like everyone in front of tv has the perception of indian news media owned by corporates and conglomerates. news being manipulated before being displayed etc. though no one has any supporting documents to prove this story. i wouldn’t be trusting any of those beliefs due to lack of supporting documents. but i have my own ways to find out things.

i didn’t participate in the third drama in any ways but just refilled my water bottle from dispenser and headed back to work. i was very sure to get all information about 1-2 days later. yes. i would get the very best of information. i don’t need to wait for the drama queens to narrate details on those indian news channels, where they run out of words and then repeat sentences so that you don’t change the channel in anticipation of some real breaking news. once while i was searching for some information on our judicial system, GooGLe devi showed me one of the correct path. http://court.maha.nic.in – GooGLe devi’s search results displayed.

in curiosity, i hit the link with mixed and prejudiced views. it is a government website. it might display very old information that might give you real happenings of Harappan Civilization. i might get to see a note as “Last updated in 2001 B.C.” although i am in 2012 A.D. now. but i was happy to be tagged as wrong at this instance. it had various tabs like Districts, Courts, Case Status, Press Release. etc.

the tab saying case status struck to my eyes. we had so many series on tv and movies in bollywood which have court scenes. everything comes in front of your eyes in a flash. pankaj dheer and anant mahadevan in a tv series named “KANOON”, those hilarious cort room fights by govinda in “Kyunkii Main Jhooth Nahi Bolta” movie or the serious ones in Amitabh Bachchan movies. we have heard about a lot of people within our community who haved filed cases against some near or far ones etc. hearing dates, summons, verdicts, losing the case, divorce, harrassment, cheque bouncing, frauds and many more such terms have gone through our ears. every single instance rings in our ears to brain. once, twice, thrice, it keeps ringing in your ears till your brain gives a thought – can i get to see what happened in his/her case that was filed against someone? you click the case status tab in anxiety of getting some fresh stuff, may be which no one knows.

but you don’t get everything so easily in one click. i bet you would now say that booking tickets on irctc.co.in is much better than searching information on court cases of the people you wish to know. i was casually wanting to know what was happening in this high profile case, back in 2012. i too went into the case status tab and it looked very complicated to search. do you how to play “Joining the dots”? this search function is based on the same concept. you join the dots in your mind with the available information and answer each question. select the district, select the search criteria (case number, filing date, petitioner, respondent, advocate, police station, FIR number etc.), answer the search criteria, select from the available courts where the case has been filed, whether the case is pending or disposed are few of the questions that you have to answer before you click on search. if you are unsure whether case is pending or disposed, you should select both.

i am sure you might stop reading here and jump to the website and give a try. search for any case if you have those dots ready in your mind to answer each question before hitting SEARCH.


2 thoughts on “what happened actually?

    1. I would say no from the depth of my brains. But in my heart i feel maybe yes, as i am an opportunist. But people become more aware and can find the reality themselves instead of depending on media who can twist things as they want us to see.

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