Book Review: The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga



Title: The White Tiger
Author: Aravind Adiga
ISBN: 978-81-7223-847-6
My Rating: 4.5* out 5

I got to know of a friend who was reading this one and once mentioned it as a hilarious one. This one word propelled me to get a copy from library and read it as quicker as possible. No doubt it is a good book by Adiga to get a Booker prize with few itches. The real India is been presented in the best of its words. DARKNESS been used for that state, was a great idea. It is indeed DARK there. The episode when Munna was made to work at Tea stall by the Stork, or when Munna got polished as a Driver has been framed too good. It brings the whole scene live in front of eyes like any bollywood movie. However few things were too descriptive and into abstract. Some which just flew above my hairline, like the electromagnetic waves around us. Yes, like others have mentioned it is unclear why did he throw away the potatoes from the Dosa. The charecters are named so well – the Stork, the Mongoose, Vitiligo Lips, Country Mouse etc. Overall idea of writing a book while narrating the story to Premier Jiabo is fantastic. I would recommend majority of my friends to read this book.


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