my pnr status :)


things can be so surprising and technology is used at its max. i liked it after i tried and hence thought to share it with you all as well. i was busy closing myself and my work on a friday evening about 8 pm. a call on my cell phone from a good buddy – glenn pereira. he suddenly speaks about his train bookings in RAC state and he wants to know about the boggie and berth details. i check for his PNR and it says 18th march 2013 as date of journey. i have to inform him about this amazing feature of indian railways. they decide your berth only 2 hours before the train starts journey from source. like the almight decides your gender, 2 hours before you are going to take birth. berth and birth go hand-in-hand.

not diverting from the topic, he speaks about the miserable cell phone network in the place he is right now – vailankanni (somewhere near chennai). i assure him i would take care to check this PNR periodically and confirm him back with details as soon as i see any. so i am still browsing on my blackberry for a website that works in mobile format and shows me the PNR status as quickly as possible. first… second… third… fourth… all are useless webpages with no quick display of PNR status. some pages infact take more than 5 minutes to even load themselves before fetching the status of PNR. scrolling through google results, i thought of taking a pause at this webpage and testing that as well.

CLICK!!! the webpage opens. seems a bit weird, like it is a google product. no issues, i type my PNR on the field and click on SUBMIT to get the results. it prompts me for logging into website. and then says you cannot get updates untill you sign up. assuming it a google product and without thinking much of telemarketing stuff, i make up my mind to sign up. i signed up and immediately next it prompts me for my mobile number. i could sense some telemarketing data collection kind of stuff. though i never mind telemarketing on mobile phones. it is just a matter of recieving an incoming call. i progressed by feeding in my mobile number. click SUBMIT and next it shows me a keyword with code and asks me to text it to a 10 digit mobile number. 10 digts, means no special VAS charges. lets try reaching to the end of the tunnel to experience what it is? i sent the text message.

in few minutes i got an sms back comfirming my registration. next sms, my mobile number is now binded with the PNR that was belonging to glenn. but that is fine. there is the third sms in my inbox. it says PNR xxxxxxx726 has RAC 15 16 17. i go back to home as per routine. the days ends as soon as the supper is over and i am into bed. i wake up into morning and check my inbox. another alert and this time it shows same PNR with a changed status – RAC 12 13 14. now i am waiting to test if it shows the berth number, when the charts are prepared. do try if you also think this tool helps you – ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚


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