so what is it happening around in the society you are living now? we have been listening a lot about corruption and rapes, majority of the time. but this is all on a wider horizon, i believe. zoom in! yes, zoom in more. zoom till you see only your locality visible in the horizon. and then wait till the digital zoom adjusts the pixels itself, to make a clearer picture for you. not binding that you see the same picture as i am seeing it. it may differ.

momma had been to bazaar to get the daily necessities. yes, she was back in an hour with stories. stories that happened in front of her and she was a witness to a situation that happened. she was engaged in picking up the veggies, which were on the wishlist. he had packed all items that momma had selected. while she was opening her purse to pay him, a high-pitch-shout seem to have passed from behind of her. “aali re… gaadi aali…” the poor man, who was selling things to momma in his stained trousers and shirt, picked up everything that he was selling and moves away into a corner. he even mumbles quickly, “udhar aao, paise wahan leta hun.” there were chaos all around, in less than a minute. it seemed like the citizens resided lawlessly. the pandemonium was not at all planned to happen at this hour, else the poor man wouldn’t have put his veggies on sale. the vehicles are halted unwantingly, and are now witnessing the pandemonium.

momma was still there, analyzing the situation. she noticed an inspector in his attire. he is instructing an accomplice with an tablet to capture the daily drama that happens. unanticipated, there is a troop of inspector’s followers, summing up to the pandemonium in progress. they are healthy enough to elevate you from the ground level, and hurl you into their vehicle. this vehicle has no seats for you, but you can see the carcass left of the yesterday’s pandemonium that happened. you can see the vehicle filling up with stuffs now. quicker! quicker than it took time for that poor man to procure it. hurling the stuffs in the vehicle has become the job of inspector’s followers. hurling it in such a way and few things get dropped on the floor.

the poor lady is also a witness to the happening. the poor lady who couldn’t afford to buy anything in the market with few rupee bills she was carrying in her worn-out purse. minutes later, she has a bag full of cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplants, writing pens, pencils, and may be few toys for the kids as well but she hasn’t spent a single rupee bill. while she has recovered from the state of shock she had entered, she realizes her kid was the one who filled up the bag from the free-bies rolling on the road. he was excited sportingly without realizing what he was up to. he just found something that was needy for him, he picked it and stuffed in the bags. some more ladies realized the same after they had recovered from the shock of what was happening around them.


few other sellers in that spread, are seen beseeching to the inspector for their things. some more are seen making a deal with inspector, by holding a 100 rupee bill to avoid being hurled into vehicle with their stuffs. the inspector is in no mood to address anyone of them. he has his own outburst for the things he was made to listen at the commissioner’s office. things about the sophisticated people complaining for the unorganized bazaar area, about his uselessness in managing the daily flux of vehicles etc. situation has seem to be worsened. inspector has no idea of what his next step should be. he is not equipped with water canons and tear gas shells, like the delhi police who uses it frequently these days. to avoid the situation worsening for themselves, they have decided to move out. a blow of the whistle and his followers have started getting into the vehicle. while the poor sellers are still beseeching for their things to be returned back, the inspector bloodlessly walks into the vehicle’s cabin and sits next to the driver. despite of its inabilities, the vehicle manages to touch 30 kmph in less than 2 seconds. the pandemonium has come to cease and citizens have dissolved back to their accepted routine. momma paid that seller, and had begun to cut the distance back to home.

her story provoked numerous thoughts in me or probably an outrage for myself or for people who lead a life like me? yes, we are educated and organized for everything. we have the most accurate answers for any question. we have spaces designated for everything. we pay the best price of everything we desire to own. we claim to understand everything. now let us go descending to reality. do we really understand anything?  do we really pay the best price for the thing which we desire to have? do we really have the spaces rightly designated for? do we have most accurate answer for any question? are we precisely organized in all aspects? no! we aren’t.


why do we think that the poor sellers were an encroachment in the bazaar area? did they come there by their choice, or our desire to own that thing has invited them to sell it here? if they shouldn’t be selling their products in the bazaar area, should they be selling it 4 miles away from our residence which is designated spot for them? and then we would start complaining about the autos overcharging to travel in that area. the poor man’s income has been taken away by the inspector and his followers. he is indebted to pay back the money he had borrowed for buying the goods. he is now burdened with thoughts about repaying the amount. he is finding his way out, while sipping the spirit from a glass bottle. he has sipped above the limit and has thrown himself on the pavement. the pavement that happens to be the entrance of our sophisticated superstructure, which is illegal as per the housing department of our municipal corporation. we still complain about it.

the poor man’s son is seething with anger about whatever happened with his pro-creator. he has knocked almost every door for justice and has found no success. he has no advantage to deal with situation and bring back the lustre to his father. but he has a mind to construct an strategy to avenge. avenge the inspector, who ordered his followers. avenge the followers, who took away his father’s goods. but he can never avenge the sophisticated people, who provoked the inspector to take these steps.


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