ladies versus ladies!

i cannot pull back myself from sharing this thing which happened on this sunday, i.e. 30th october 2012. a sudden decision at 11 am to meet at nahur and rush out at pvr cinemas. disha was hankering for heroine since its release, though she has a deep dis-LiKE for her. that has been my second visit to nahur station  . moving out we have auto, with mechanical meter, available. outside nirmal Lifestyle, i paused for a moment to recollect which way we are supposed to be going. yes. that’s my second visit to nirmal Lifestyle. due to its odd location, it has always been last on wish-list, whilst r-mall, mulud remains on top.
hopping over an escalator reminded me of those days, when i made my quick steps in same direction as escalator travelling, thus cutting time to reach on next level in any mall, and the chaos that security guards do when they see me doing it. but it is just adventurous fun to do. and we reach on Level 1, booking counters for pvr cinemas. you might be surprised between the queue at booking counter of pvr and the queue at railway booking counter. both are so synonymous to each other. and a strategy to get tickets, similar to get mumbai Local’s tickets, was applied. me in one queue and disha in another. it’s a game. who gets the tickets first?

i was upset a bit when i saw this. a guy ahead of me was there to book for a 6:30 pm show. a lady comes in rushing with kid asking his favor, to allow her to book a 1:05 Pm barfi show. he allowed her. what agitated me for a moment, if you are waiting for 6:30 pm show; it is not necessary others are also waiting for the same show. we were there since 1:00 pm for a 1:15 pm show. not one, there was something more. this cheeky gal trailing disha in that queue, taps her shoulder and asks for a favor- “me n my mum need to go for a 1:05 pm show.” yeah, disha can guess her intentions well and a spot-answer to her- “even we are going to same show!” so there was nothing much left for the cheeky gal to beg for and there was nothing much left for disha to justify herself.

we had our tickets for heroine and damn did we care about that cheeky gal getting her show on or not. we were at the waiting lounge and that was filled up completely with anxious-bollywood-lovers, flashing their combo meals in their hands, or the tickets. so it was 1:10 when we were in front of our audi-1 for the show. this time i wanted us to enter 1st. i always make a point to not to miss the national anthem as this is the only time when we really sing through. Lucky enough? sometimes you get that word-less national anthem, composed by a. r. rehman and those vikarma kids enacting. makes us think, for a moment, we are lucky to have all of our senses in place unlike them. so while we were searching for P1 and P2, i realize it is most important to get kids on a movie almost every day. if not everyday, it must be every weekend. select a seat that is in r row or higher than that, which would help the kids learn a-r or above, flawlessly while they are stepping up each row towards their seats.

heroine makes her entry after a series of trailers and that emotionally-blackmailing-advertisement of hdFc Life. the story flows and so do our comments on everything visible on the screen and around. it was interval and we were still glued to our seats. we had no desires for that cola or samosas and Pop-corns. yes, but we talk and we plan for the next movie in the interval. break khatam, and movie starts to approach the end. with that last frame of kareena shedding tears of satisfaction, we realize the movie has ended. but i don’t want to get into the crowd. it is again a situation like people off-loading themselves at dadar station. so i continue to be glued in the seat until 99% of the audi is empty.

so we are the last now remaining to move out of the audi. we rise like the sun from our seats, walk down the steps. we are now in front of the screen, close to the exit door. disha comments about we being the last one to move out. i look around, just to show her that we are the second from last. what do i see? i am surprised. i tap her shoulder to show her the same thing… oops… not the thing in fact… the same cheeky girl with her mum…  so while we recover from that surprise, they are in a close proximity to us and the EXit door. and that’s where the ladies do the ladies versus ladies thing, with their eyes.


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