that eggstra yetch… rescue me not…

This blog was in my drafts since 07th April 2012 for some reasons!

The attendance book comes to my seat for filling in my name, division and my pickup point. My eyes take a glance over the entire sheet, not to have a count of total fella travelers. Or not to audit who is the newbie in the bus! Not even to find out who missed the bus from their daily point, but could get into next pickup point. I was just confirming if Zen had mentioned my details, coz she had taken up the first seat of the bus. Yuss! She did it! My name was mentioned with a mild blooper, pushing me down in time-line to those priceless memories. An extra yetch to my name.

Suresh Nair was, probly collecting the contributions for a colleague’s birthday cake or for some reasons. He was transposing names of Team Members in an Excel Spreadsheet. My name was mentioned somewhere in the list. He selects “Paid” in the drop-down he had next to my name, and I confirmed. I noticed that extra yetch with my name. I didn’t want to add a crease to his shirt by pinching him for that extra yetch. Suresh Nair, a dark-colored mallu or tamilian or some south Indian basically, was a slap-stick eldest colleague of us. He was a Senior Caller to confirm a Sale of the Warm Leads. Warm Leads are the ones, with whom we spend some minutes (or hours at times), explaining how good this Whole Life plan or Retirement Plan suits them. They still want to think about enrolling or probably leave us thinking how much incentive can we earn from the First Premium Cheque of theirs. Suresh and 5 more, had to call such Warm Leads and bring out the Revenue or Moolah or someshit that they term it in BPO Industry, down in 2005!

Out of the blue- Suresh was slapped at the back of head, or on the neck probly or precisely the open patch of dark skin (between the hairline and the collar of the shirt) analyzing the zataak or sataaak we heard. “Yeh kya re? Meri arthi nikal raha hai kya?”, says Arti in her Punjabbi ishtyle. “Kya hua Aaarthi?”, says Suresh recovering back from that Sattaaak! “Yeh Arti ka spelling mein yetch add karke kya Arthi nikaal raha hai mere naam ki!”, says Arti keeping up the Punjabbi mood. “Oh Sorry, aaarthi! Mujhe laga you spell it that way!”, claims Suresh. “Mera e-mail mein signature nahi dekhta kya re?”, puts Arti on Suresh, this time in a south-Indian accent from a Punjabbi.

My days kept passing by its own pace and I had taken myself out of Insurance Selling and shifted to Information Technology (I.T.) space. On my third I.T. job, partnered with IBM I was working for their client ABN Amro Bank N.V. My new manager was a Tamilian for sure, coz his home town was Chennai. He was generous as well to keep up with the extra yetch. A lot, i-specially in emails and Lotus Sametime Chats. Another of a server support Engineer, Bindumadhav, would do it occasionally. A Data Centre Head, Shivram C., would do it occasionally as well. Ever since Arti had battered Suresh for that extra yetch, I realized the worth as well for my first name. It took walk-a-mile-extra effort for me to withstand that extra yetch. I had never assumed myself breakfasting on Idli-Sambhar, or lunching on Rasam-Rice or dining on Dosa-Sambhar and the sambhar was with some Sakthi Sambhar Masala. All those South-Indian stuff comes whizzing in front of my eyes, with that extra yetch. I can feel those three white stripes on forehead as well, with that extra yetch. Only the Payasam offering, brings a cheer as it is one of the finest dessert after lunch.

And I quit from here as well to join this current one. I am introduced to the absolute new world of I-Banks. I thought my manager was Glenn, again a Goan or Konkani Christian or some sort of South Indian, from the shade of his skin. But he never added the extra yetch. In a day, I realized, Glenn was not my manager. My Manager-cum-mentor were Raj Pal and Vikash Das, former a North Indian and later a Oriya. Interacting with both, I had spent almost a week. Adding a few more new acquaintances- Dhiraj, Priyanka, Sunil, Gopal Keswani, Ashish Gupta, and none of them have that habit of adding extra yetch. Or as a week passes, I realize I haven’t got any thought of that extra yetch. Its good!

Do good times last longer? It seemed like the extra-yetch-nightmare was looking around for me. I receive a ping on my office IM. It reads, “Hi Jayanth!” For the moment, I was on a fire-seat. The extra-yetch-phobia takes me again. The Idli-Sambhar-Dosa-Medu-Wada start whizzzing in front of my eyes. But I can control now, since I am just a week old in this office and the understood-Payasam spreads in my mouth. As much as I haven’t explored colleagues here, they haven’t explored me as well. Especially Binz Shetty. We probly had not chatted untill this IM window popped up on my screen. It was a casual query about some issue where she required my ability. I did mention about the extra yetch as well to her, in a few days. But she doesn’t seem to be adjusting in last 4 years. Even today she either has that extra yetch on IM chats or in her voice while she emphasizes that extra yetch, while greeting in the lobby, if we meet ever. And after Binz Shetty, I have faced many other employees addressing me by adding that extra yetch in all these 4 years. After all, we are 3000+ employees in Mumbai.

If adding that extra yetch to my first name in Bus Register, can make me go down in my time-line and think of those and some more good moments, then please do not subtract that extra Yetch of my First name!

Just for your information, I am now comfortable with that extra yetch, if it is erroneously done. I enjoy the Idli Sambhar, Wada Sambhar or anything served with Sambhar. Did you ever try Kanda Poha with Sambhar? Tastes good.


14 thoughts on “that eggstra yetch… rescue me not…

  1. LOL!!!!! Living in Chennai for the last one year, even I have picked up the extra “yetch” syndrome, Jayanthu!!!! Neat post–am waiting for hard-core southies to respond!!!

    1. aaaarghhhh… that yextra U….. Hard-Kaur Soudhies would khilll me… šŸ™‚ i tank you from tha botttum of mai haart to reed dhizzz… šŸ™‚

  2. What is special about Zen..?why did she fill up your details..? šŸ™‚ lols
    Am a hard-kaur sothie dude šŸ™‚ welcome down the memory lane, once again jayantH šŸ™‚

    1. that’s our gang’s involuntary responsibility- the first one has to mark everyone’s name in the register.. šŸ™‚ sometimes its Zen, or me or Anand or Prakash as well.. šŸ™‚ your comments, yay!

  3. Why on earth there is an extra yetch? I mean even in Jeet. Can you believe that, my Malu friend wants to name her son Jeet (with an yetch Jeeth) and she says she doesn’t want a Malu name. šŸ™‚ How can you possibly explain it to her…BTW I will try the combo you mentioned…:)

    1. Thanks for visiting my page Saru!!! Yeah, why is there that eggstra yetch… šŸ˜¦ Baby Jeet(h) would realize soon why is that eggstra yetch in his name.. šŸ™‚ and yeah, the combo is amazing.. šŸ™‚ give it a try and you should love it as well… šŸ™‚

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