getting sumon-a-tic….

so am I giving you a chance to judge me? not at all. or you can judge me, if you think judging is the only good thing left in your life. but yeah, i realized this yesterday. how much did i miss her. to be precise, i missed them this weekend. it has all started in jan 2012, when i was on a week-long-vacation to lonavla. there in our room-for-week, we had a tv set as well. and saturday night? i was surfing through channels, for something worth watching. imagine tv was playing “ajab desh ki gajab kahaniyaan”. its a pure non-sensical stuff that comes up from rakhi sawant. people and i hate rakhi sawant, but we like her for all the sentiyappa she does on-screen. as her shows end up, my mind comments- sau chuhe khaa kar billi haj ko chali.

surfing through channels, i did stop on sony tv. ooh la la! they have comedy circus promo, in a break of adaalat. am done with surfing. now this would be the only channel i would be sticking to. you keep counting minutes downwards and wait for k. d. pathak to end up his over-acting as that detective-or-lawyer-or-whatever-role-he-plays. end of adaalat and the show begins. i am all ready sitting in my bed ensuring nuff of space around, in case if i need space to lmao. lmao is laugh my a$$ out, for those who aren’t aware of. the remote control of the tv set is in my hands. ages back they said- the hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world. now they say- the hand that holds the remote, controls the tv. all thanks to ekta kapoors. so i feel like a privileged person to have the remote with me. show begins.

my smile is getting broader with each second passing on, as the screen shows “kahaani comedy circus ki”. i am astonished when they declare its a brand new season been opened up today. yeah! i have never witnessed any of their opening seasons. shruti sheth becomes the first one to broaden your smile, thoda aur. the lined up judges – archana puran singh & sohail khan, and i say “fine! lets judge sohail as a judge.” to myself. there starts the pairs or the contestants of new season.

kuldeep singh – rashmi desai
krushna abhishek- sudesh lahri
bharti singh – siddharth jadhav
rajiv thakur – suhasi dhami
rajeev nigam – hemant pandey
kapil sharma – sumona chakravarty

I am not confirmed of the order in which the pairs were unveiled. certainly, i have missed some episodes of the entire series. i have no idea when was kuldeep singh replaced with mantra. or i have no idea when rajeev nigam and hemant pandey have been brushed out. back to the opening episode. it starts with each pair introducing themselves as a part of act and innocent ranting about their partners. that’s when the judge inside me is awakened and my predictions start building up, in my mind. rajeev nigam and hemant pandey don’t have much a long journey here. rashmi ain’t full on with her humor but may be kuldeep singh can drag her to destiny. krushna and sudesh would continue to be on pole positions of my circuit. bharti singh and siddharth jadhav. i have a positive view about bharti and dicey about siddharth. though siddharth has been very good at stand-up in those marathi channels. suhasi was to be judged as well. the second bahu of zee network trying her hands on comedy, after ankita lokhande (archana from pavitra rishtaa) was a complete failure in last season. kapil is undoubtedly a true comedian but sumona is again to be judged. you keep thinking who is this sumona? and you conclude, she is the one from “bade acche lagte hai..” with no idea what role she is playing there and how good she is into those serious bahu-e-otic series. but you would agree if i say, she carries the cutest face of all the females in this season.

expectations were shattered, when came in kapil and sumona as the last pair. the most memorable thing about their opening act was the end. they both realize they are from agra and agra is damn famous round the world for an mental asylum. yes. they took the pole position on the circuit of comedy, in my mind. so i have to say “challenge for you, krushna and sudesh. you would get a tough time as none of you is a female.” week over week, this is becoming an addiction to me now and extending to my family. may be it would be just third act for kapil and sumona. me n my mom realized, sumona is a real-thing-of-comedy. sumona can easily make herself as an audience, even when the act is going on and laugh out over a kapil-o-tic punch. this soon became a routine with her. one of those acts, where she was to pull her hand from the back as an agitating lady, her hand disturbed the thin-wire-like-microphone’s settings. kapil couldn’t spare her for that as well. an innocent punch for that. she gives a retake in live show and the microphone’s arrangement is again disturbed. this time, kapil is at her rescue while arranging her microphone and punching in more punches to troll her down. this was one of those deadly lmao moment for me.

dunno how many of my readers follow this show and if they got a chance to watch the episode where the theme was to exchange partners. sumona was paired with krushna. krushna was on a blind date and the partner happens to be sumona. krushna’s opening punches are killers. and the entry of sumona is sizzled intentionally by adding the raveena’s-mohra-song- tip tip barsaa paani. the reacting of krushna when he realized its sumona who has called for the blind date. he acts that physically challenged in an attempt to keep away from her. the act just flowed on with great punches and that sex in abstract. and kapil keeps trolling her in all of the next episodes, merely for the way she was romantic with krushna in that act? lmao. one more of the epic line she has created, “bakwaas bandh karo…” she has this line to be used for everything and everyone in the act. let kapil add in some fillers in the act when sumona has missed her lines, and she has this line- “bakwaas bandh karo..” a lot of instances when their act has almost been spoilt completely coz sumona has forgotten her lines and kapil’s fillers worked them to 10 points.

you can watch the krushna and sumona act by clicking here….

tweeks! the main reason behind writing so much about sumona? yeah! i have somehow missed the episodes on saturday and sunday. there is this new season of dance, india dance for the li’l masters and mom and dad prefer to enjoy that instead of kahani comedy circus ki . i don’t want to disappoint them by changing the channel abruptly on my tata sky. so i have kept myself deep in thoughts about their acts and the on-screen-innocence of sumona. sumona was all on my mind over the sunday. those usual facebook status updates of fraands, were commented back with non-sensical stuffs and a hashtag- #BakwaasBandhKaro or the comment itself would be Bakwaas Bandh Karo. this commodity trader friend has been in a jinx, coz he doesn’t know a bit about sumona. he jeopardized himself by asking, “aree yaar ye hai kya SHUMONA, BAKWAS BAND KARO ND OL” over a facebook status. this sumona fever wasn’t cured over the night for me and it continued over the monday as well. the symptoms are well seen on my facebook status and my comments on my fraand’s statuses.

hopefully after i post this blog, i should be cured of this sumon-a-tic disease.

or hold on! are you thinking to be a part of this sumon-a-tic disease? yuhhuuuu, lets get sick together. saturday and sunday, 09:00 pm on sony tv, tata sky channel number 111.

some of those facebook status updates of mine…

→ damn! did I ever miss her so much? as much as am missing her today? #BakwaasBandhKaro….. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ 😐 😐 😐 duniya kuch aur sochegi…. πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

→ Jab We Met #LifeOK *but we never met* *bakwaas band karo*

→ #itteffaq- am getting vf promotional calls from +911408859192 and one of my friend’s number is +91xxxx859192 #ajnabee u don’t trust? *bakwaas bandh karo* *believe it or not*

→ that craving for ek jhalak of her continues….hopefully google images help me for now n comes to my rescue tonight!!! *bakwaas bandh karo*

→ tis amazing! google gives me a pic where half of the screen occupied by her n other half by him!!!

→ so they are now wallpaper on my chottu mobile….gazing at them, feels like the moments musn’t pass away! toh aaj k liye clock ko home-screen se gayab karna padega…. par kaise? *bakwaas bandh karo*

→ “and i am now fraands with Kapil”, says mere-andar-ki-sumona….

→ #ModifiedSaying Every Kaju-Katli has a silver lining. Kiss it to get that Silver on ur Lips!! #BakwaasBandhKaro

→ it was a good start! an service disruption at work! my fingers did a good job of typing the shit to so many people…sumona played a big role in keeping me motivated to face the situation!! c kept ma eyes open all the time!!! #BakwaasBandhKaro

→ yeh dil hai nakhrewala…naya hai nakhra paalaa….. #BakwaasBandhKaro

→ so as per tis matrimonial ad, the boy stays at a posh area of dombivali…. bhai Kapil, yeh Dombivali mein posh area kabse ban ne lag gaye? boyz, bakwaas band karo! *don’t judge me. yeh toh Sumona bol rahi thi*

→ when i asked this person, if he can help? he replies, SREU. i tortured google translator with all combinations n it didn’t answer which language it was. finally my idle mind identified the typo. he meant, SURE. #moral – my idle mind isn’t devil’s workshop #BakwaasBandhKaro


6 thoughts on “getting sumon-a-tic….

  1. I stay away from television for the life of me and here you are, dragging out the whole thing right through your facebook account and twitter hashtags into my face! Yet, you have lived your ideas intensely through all this. Carry on the bakwas, please!

    1. good thing Umaji .. but i have a view, one must have some touch to tv., weekly hour atleast. πŸ™‚ oh yeah… thanks for commenting too.. πŸ™‚ though i guess the last one means a compliment to me instead of sarcasm.. πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ #BakwaasBandhKaro #Note2Self πŸ™‚

  2. Hey Buddy, Finally here to write something after reading you multiple blogs not at a time. The above one seems to be your fantasy that you have been describing it and please admit it. I’m not a great fan of Comedy Circus because My father rules the remote and we are the spectator. Your blog certainly says a lot about sumona and truly you proves your point quite right about the quality she posess. Been a Hangover addict on Monday…trust me she can only give you kick but can’t last till next morning. Hopefully #BakwaazMatBandhKaro kyunki life itni bhi serious nahin.

  3. Dang dang dang you…Now I need to watch this show so that I understand fully what you are talking about…not fair, not fair…

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