Someone left from my left side?

I have installed myself in my easeful chair. I look at my left, and the chair is unoccupied!

Time is 08:30 and no back-pack has been thumped on the pedestal, standing to left side of me. No one has even greeted me a Good Morning!

I am sipping in chilled water from my bottle and I look at my left side, the chair is still unoccupied!

I now unlock my Computer and I am browsing through the unread mails. There is no one on my left side to ask me, why I have delayed in replying back to a particular email?

I launch Internet Explorer and click on URL for our Ticketing Tool. There is no one on my left side, to ask me updates on any of the pending or unassigned Issue Tickets.

Its 9:00 now. The hourly free-space alert emails lands into my mailbox. But there is no one on my left side, whom I need to justify myself clean for those 2 Amber and 1 Red Warning!

Its 9:15 and no one on my left side is asking me about Local markets opening Red or Green.

Abrao is on my desk but no one on my left side to greet him a “salaaaaaaaam!”

In few minutes, our group heading to cafeteria for breakfast but no one has a French-cut-beard+spectacles.

Into cafeteria and everyone’s ordering. But not me!

Everyone moving to the Serving Counter and the quick conversations in Oriya or Udiya language, with Gopal or Tinku, are missing. All I can hear is Hindi Conversations or English!

I used to ask “Sir, which table are we seating today?”. Now I just ask “Which is our table today?”

My silence continues while the team breakfast happens! I might mumble a few sentence in entire breakfast session.

The word “SADELE” is been missing amongst those bollocking sessions!

The tea has been gulped down. There is no one on my left side, to ask me anything about my action items for today, while we are moving from Cafeteria to Work-Station.

Back to work-station, there is no one on my left side to slide his fingers on the screen of Touch-Phone to collect some gold and diamonds.

No one on my left side is asking me for a couple of tissues to clean the glasses of spectacles.

I have no one on my left side, to guide me about my next action when am stuck into this mini cold-war over emails.

Mahesh passes through the aisle and there is no one on my left side to alarm him “Madhav k bapu!”

Its almost 10:30 and Wilson seems to be back from gym or he is entering late into office. He doesn’t find anyone on my left side to ask for a company to the Tea Stall.

Priyanka is taking rounds to her Manager’s office, from her desk but has no reason to pause for a quick chat in our aisle, on her way.

The dude and dudettes are having big time with that large printer installed in our aisle. I am busy with my work and there is no one on my left side to observe them, while they are inventing the newest trick to get prints from that printer!

Its almost 12:30 and there is no one on my left side, to ask me if I got any whereabouts of Bipin!

All of a sudden, Wilson is starving. Kaisa toh bhi ho raha hai usko. But there is no backpack on my left side to explore for the home-made lunch.

In few minutes, I am moving for lunch. There is no one on my left to reply me,”itna jaldi nahi be!” when I ask, “sir, lunch karna hai kya?”

Am back at desk after my lunch.

It is almost 13:30 and the team moves for lunch. I don’t want to write much about all those chaos of finding a table > settling down for lunch > finding those smaller plates which fit in microwave to heat up the home-made lunch > sharing the lunch > dumping used plates and moving for that complimentary saunf and sugar!

We are back at our desks. No finger is gliding smoothly on the Touch Phone to collect gold and diamonds, on my left side.

Chacha is entering the floor for his late shift but has no reason to pause near our desk.

Praseed, Sujit and Adarsh are moving for a lunch, but they too have no reason for a pause near our desk.

In the afternoon, there are no telephonic-conversations happening in Oriya or Udiya on my left side.

Till this time, I have lot of non-sensical stuffs to be shared over IM. But there is no one on my left side to bear them.

Its 17:00 and I don’t find anyone to ask for a company at cafeteria on my left side.

Am back from cafe, I have filled my bottle with chilled water from those dispensers in breakout rooms. While am back at my desk, there is no one on my left side to inform me about the call that I missed on my cell-phone, while it was charging.

It is now 17:25 and there is no one on my left to say, “Chal! Nikaltey hai!”

And while am moving towards elevators, I have a some more non-sensical stuff to talk about. But no one on my left side to bear it.

We are into the Bus Parking Area. The pair of eyes that hunt for Mira Road bus, on my left side, are missing.

The monitors still remain positioned so uniquely on my left side, but the owner of them is missing.

Its Monday and no one on my left side is asking, if I have filled in time-sheets!

Its Tuesday, and there is no one on my left side to approve the Change Request.

Its Wednesday, and there is no one on my left side to push me into the Change Management Call at 04:00 pm.

Its Thursday, and there is no one on my left side to remind me, to remind the Change Request Approvers to approve the Change Request.

Its Friday, and there is no one on my left side to ask me, “who is gonna implement the change on Sunday?”

Its a new week and there is no one on my left side, to ask me about Project Updates for Management Meeting.

Its would be soon a new month, and there is no one on my left side to download a new wall-paper from

While I think of updating my resume, the one that I knew for last 4+ years is now missing.


16 thoughts on “Someone left from my left side?

    1. aah yes! My Manager! We have worked together for more than 4 years! Its been an amazing duration coz this is the longest duration I have stuck to one job! 🙂 🙂

  1. did u lose my comment? anyway, loved this post although i m little confused now. has one of ur colleagues resigned or something?

    1. LOL Uma!!! But sometimes it really feels like I have lost ma left since the time he has moved ahead… looking for an oppurtunity to work with him again! lets wait n watch the game of life if it gets me this ?

    1. hahahaha… i thought you would have got it looking at the monitors !! My Manager moved out of this firm to a new opportunity! and for a person like me, finds it bit tough to adjust without certain things and with certain things!

  2. So well written mate…You just refreshed the memories we shared with Pappa Bear….So well described…and yes that “Saddale wala” comment….as much as we miss it m sure Daasa will also be missing it coz he might not be having any one as Saddale as us ;)…
    And about his unique monitors….I know the truth…he used to keep them Vertical so that no one cathes him fiddling with he cell phone playin Angry Birds 😉

    Daasa We miss you yaar….!!!

    On a special note thanks a ton Jayant for putting this up…Jab bhi saale ki yaad aayegi…will read this….Keep writing mate…I told you…your write magic !

    Cheers Mate and God bless !!

  3. HI,

    First time on your blog. Did not understand what you were trying to convey until I saw some of the comments above 🙂 Now I do. BTW do you do a post EVERYDAY? I can’t post more than 2-3 a month!

    1. Thanks Meera! Hopefully I keep this page good enough for you to visit frequent. Naah! I don’t try to post everyday. But there is a phase of time when I am a decent owl with good thoughts between 2 am to 5 am. Thats when I draft over my blackberry and upload them at convenience. “My Wikidness #1” was an effort of 3 hours each for 2 nights consecutive. I have about 5 unfinished articles as I have lost interest in them. Dunno, when would I complete them to post it. I prefer keeping language as simple as possible and avoid using high-fundu words! 🙂 a simple Mumbaikar I am! Thanks again! Do keep reviewing ma page!

  4. Your writing grows on me, Jayant. It is very unique writing style–it is in a certain sense a documentaion of urban life as it is lived and interpreted. A valuable resource for understanding the changing urban mind. Keep writing like this!

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