Oye! I am now an Adventure Photographer!!

Etch this date, 06th April 2012 on the books of your minds. Never did I think in the saddest dreams of mine, I would be an Adventure Photographer. But it did happen and now I can echo that I am an Adventure Photographer. Doesn’t my first click mumble that? Or do you have a different definition of Adventure Photography? Well, I need to reconstruct the terminology around Adventure Photography.

Now think about this with your Mind’s eye. You are commuting on the Foot-Board of the Mumbai Local. Foot-Board of a Mumbai Local is that location where an entire movie of your life can be played in less than 5 seconds. I-specially, when you are pressed hard between the Pole at entrance and fellow traveler behind you. No, I wasn’t into that tough situation though I was destined for Kanjur Marg station. Bhandup station had passed away and this gentleman had positioned himself, with me on the footboard, from Nahur station. So 2 gentlemen inching almost 6 feet in height, with full on robustness in their physique were on the footboard, prefixed and suffixed by a couple of miniature sized Mumbai-kars. The Gentleman’s office bag was more beefy than self. Causing a lot of problems for me, the moment he stepped on foot-board. Amidst that long-haul moments, Gentleman pulls out his sipper to sip water. That itches me more. I have a quick look over him, even if I was trailing him or 3rd on the Foot-Board. Scan him from Top to Bottom and right to left. And it encountered to me.

My edgy mind analyzing now! Bhandup has passed away almost 50-55 secs back. It doesn’t take more than 4 minutes to reach Kanjur Marg station. I have my 2 MP Cam in my backpack and backpack is on back. It would take me another 30 secs to pull out backpack and unzip the smallest compartment.

“Action it, dude”, says one of my minds. Other of my mind, takes a glance at the co-travelers around and says a “No”! “Don’t worry, go for it dude. You don’t have much time left!” Amidst the mess of thoughts, I finally pulled my backpack on one shoulder, opened the zip to pull out the 2 MP Cam. It’s not just a 2 MP Cam but a complete blackberry device surrounding it. As I take out my 2 MP Cam, I have to ensure that the hands-free and the Mobile phone aren’t lost at all. And finally I have the Blackberry in my hands. My finger is in a hurry to press the quick-key to Media Gallery to activate the 2 MP Cam, as soon as I have it unlocked. But there is no such quick key, its broken or tormented. The bad quality rubber, that they have used with Curve 8520 series.

Scrolling down through the Homescreen, I can now locate Media. A quick press to enter and second quick press to enter into Music. “Fcuk! go back one step and select Pictures option”, says my mind. And there I get the option to switch on my 2 MP Cam. Position it > need some zoom? > no need > go ahead > Kanjur Marg station is approaching > click > saving > am done. The 2 MP Cam with blackberry around it, goes back from where it came out. The Mumbai Local now entering Kanjur Marg station and I get off the Foot-Board.

Here you can have a look at what I clicked as an Adventure Photographer.

Don’t debauch me for the click I clicked! I just found something unusual there and funny enough as well. Well, you haven’t noticed yet? Take a closer look to realize, he hasn’t passed his leather belt from two of those supporters-of-belt! Missed the first one, and it is certainly a shortfall-of-time to make up to work. But missing the second one, it becomes a matter of invited-wardrobe-malfunction!

“I guess, this Click of mine can now get me an opportunity working with Atul Kasbekar or Daboo Ratnani while they are making the Kingfisher Calendar or Pirelli or Sports Illustrated or any other Calendar?” speaks the innocent side of me. “Bhakk Saale”, says the wikid side of me. “Consider it again”, pleads my innocent mind. *No Reply* “No? #OkBye”, says my innocent mind and I am entering into the Bus destined to my Office from Kanjur Marg station.


13 thoughts on “Oye! I am now an Adventure Photographer!!

  1. Always aim higher. That way, even if you complete half the journey you may have exceeded your target. Why Kasbekar and Ratnani? Why not a Rober Capa or a Steve McCurry? Or a Steve Irvin? Its also a hint to what you should not be doing.

    1. haawww… new names… 🙂 i guess there is lot more for me to explore in this world. very less time… especially after that story of yours… 😐 😐

      1. Oh Man! What do I tell you… I start reading that one.. and while i reach to the knife passing through the pumpkin thing, something destructs me! Will have to make a way for it anyhow soon! 🙂

    1. Oh yeah! I wonder if you havent read the wildest things about Mumbai Locals? Well, There are some more posts on my mind and havent started drafting them about Mumbai Locals! 🙂

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