Tetris! A world famous game! I am not interested about when it was invented or who did it? But a quick search says, it was concept brought from Japan, Nintendo. When was it invented? No idea, but is visible ever since I was born! I wasn’t interested in learning the game or playing. I have always been a bit lazy of learning new stuffs. But if I get a quick taste of it, and if it goes well, I can stay addicted to it for rest of my life! Anyone in the World, who doesn’t know Tetris? Wrong question? I guess, yes. Its a wrong question. Everyone must be aware what’s Tetris.

But let me do justice to this blog by writing a bit about Tetris. A game where you have to fit the Tetrominoes, in such a way that they complete one horizontal line or two lines or three lines. More lines are completed at one go, more point you score. Or you invite more troubles when the levels go up. With each level progression, the Tetrominoes drop in more faster. You need to be real-good-champion in managing them at that high speed. The various types of Tetrominoes are I-blocks, O-blocks, L-blocks, J-blocks, S-blocks, Z-blocks & T-blocks. Don’t want to add up a pic for all of them. You must be aware of the Tetrominoes.

You can rotate these Tetrominoes as per your requirement and fit them on the grid to complete a horizontal line. Some versions of Tetris do predict which Tetromino is next expected. So that increases your concentration and planning skills. Some versions of Tetris even give a single block which acts as that dynamite to blow away the wrong column. Tetris even makes you learn the Art of Regretting for that one mistake in Life. One Tetromino placed wrongly and you don’t have to regret intensely, but not for long coz the game ends soon. Each Tetromino, following that wrongly-placed-Tetromino goes against your wish.

A warning for those who want to give a shot to Tetris. You would soon become addicted to it and your time would be gone forever. Mentioning so much about Tetris above, do you think I am not addicted? I am, I am. Just that I don’t need any device with me to prove I am addicted. I have a not-so-clear-memory about when I got introduced to Tetris but it all started with a second-hand-Brick-Game from a cousin. You have to have that habit of re-using used stuffs if you are younger one, in India-Lolzzz. Or hold on! It was a Nintendo game, which was not a Tetris. But something of that sort. And may be in school, I was introduced to Tetris in the Computer Sessions. #5inchFloppyDiskDays, you see.

The next it came up with a Tetris Game in my Mobile Phone. The new computer that I got for playing games, and Tetris was the first game downloaded from Miniclip.com. And later it was Tata SKY Active Games and any other mobile phone that I have purchased, I have ensured to have a Tetris installed. Though I have kept myself away from playing Tetris. I have some more addictions now, like reading books, enjoying music or just keep observing people and stare directly into their eyes and keep it on till the other person is distracted!

But the addiction of Tetris can be seen directly or indirectly on my way of doing certain tasks. Plan a tour and I would compress as much luggage as I can, in one bag. Though later Momma rearranges them systematically in 2 bags. šŸ™‚ Give me a task of arranging stuffs in refrigerator, and once that is done I would ask, “if you have something else to be added in refrigerator?” šŸ˜€ And even when I am traveling in bus, I see no reason why people are hanging out of Entry and Exit doors. I see a lot of room inside the bus! If not much, at least 2 people can accommodate as standees between 2 seats, which are facing each-other and located just behind driver’s seat. The same thing applies to Mumbai’s Local Trains. If 4 people can adjust in one seat, at least 3 people can have enough comfort in standing between 2 seats. But people do not want to move their asses. Sometimes I am successful in making 3 people stand against 2 and rest of the times my Silent Treatment works.

The best use of Tetris that I do is while crossing over the Railway Bridges. You see, in peak hours it takes about 10 minutes to go from Platform no. 1 to Platform No. 4 for boarding slow local to Mumbai C.S.T. The Tetris-o-holic mind plays well there and I can compress this time to as much as by 6 minutes. Result- I don’t spend more than 4 -5 minutes crossing the bridge. I get on the staircase and keep looking for those small open spaces where I can adjust myself. You just need to have a good eye-sight to hunt for that small space and a quick step. Tetris can build this habit in you.

“Keep it simple, Silly! Or no! You don’t want to keep it simple. But this is the last one!” Kit-Kat Break!!! It was one side of mind instructing to another side of my mind. Both of my minds converse so well with each other. No one agrees to the other and no one denies to the other.

Wheeeee!!! Now this is last one to write about! My Tetris-o-holic mind has no patience. He can’t keep away from the trash bin placed in restrooms at work. Sometimes I get to see its overflowing with used paper-napkins or Tissues. Fellows just grab a tissue and wipe off water from their hands and face, dump it in the bin. CertAinly the tissue shrinks. Bit as soon as it absorbs some water but doesn’t get compressed completely. And you drop it as it is. No doubt, housekeepers are watching the bin every hour now to avoid overflow. But had you compressed the tissue a bit more after final wipe, more number of used-tissues could have been dumped there! And may be the housekeepers can get some other task done, by checking the trash bin every 2 or 3 hours instead of following it every hour??

Think about it! And do not forget to think about how addicted I am to Tetris. Even when I am not playing Tetris on my Phone or Tata SKY, my mind is still playing Tetris!


4 thoughts on “Tetris-o-holic!!!!

  1. Heehe!
    I remember a time when I was addicted in a far more worse way than this during my vacs!:D
    Hopefully, I am clean now:P šŸ˜‰ šŸ˜‰
    The whole post is lovely, could relate to every point of it!
    especially, that regretting mistake thingy šŸ˜€
    Loved the last lines, most of all !
    Even when I am not playing Tetris on my Phone or Tata SKY, my mind is still playing Tetris!

    1. Thanks Kinara for visiting the Blog! Happy bout you cleaning yourself! Guess I would never clean up myself!!! Just gave a Tetris hour in evening!!!! Was good playing on an MIDP Phone!!!

  2. Interesting post,& i have a mind to try this tetris…in many ways my mind too works like yours
    about this silent treatment-is it that deeeeeeeeep stare of yours?

    1. don’t blame me if you get addicted to it.. šŸ™‚ its horribly addicting me again at workplace or in cafeteria!!! I can now give a shot of tetris, even while waiting for elevators! or travelling in bus!!! šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

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