01/04/2012 – suggest a title!

And I wasn’t fooled today, when you mentioned about meeting in the evening somewhere in SoBo. Though felt it would be too late to meet at 05:00 pm. Thanks for making up by 04:15 pm. Forget noticing me, but you didn’t notice the UCO Bank. Err. I forgot mentioning the word “hoarding” when I said, “am near UCO Bank”, my bad! And the best part was to have no planned place of visit. Probly it was the strawberry flavored gloss that was a bit irritating, but am fine. Do give a try to blueberry flavored. They are better, than Strawberry. Or don’t give a try, its okay 🙂 . I can keep nuff distances to avoid strawberry and you still remain audible nuff.

I regretted with you, when u mentioned about your forgetfulness with regards to your digital camera. You realized snapping the glass pane (with sunlight on it, at Mumbai C.S.T.) would have been second awesome thing, after snapping me. But deep in my heart, I was celebrating your forgetfulness. I was safe, not to be snapped at all. Did we take the subway to cross any of those lanes? I hope this reminds you of how short memory do I have, and that’s why am drafting it while traveling back home in a Kalyan-bound-Fast-Local. Don’t want to miss covering up those good moments.

Aah yeah! I remember. We walked parallel to the Platform No. 1 to reach to the over-head-bridge, to cross the road (near the Times Of India Building, D. N. Road or Nagar Chowk, as tagged on B.E.S.T. Bus Stops). Now crossing the road via bridge was tougher, so we walk a bit further discussing some JK, which isn’t me. While walking am trying to find a small space in road-divider, which can be used to cross the road. And I find one. We cross the lane through it and now on other side of lane, we are discussing the fire of Crawford Market and Manish Market and a possible conspiracy of land-sharks. Something that you erroneously assumed for Manish Market or Crawford Market was actually, Mahatma Phule Fal-Bhaaji Mandai. But you didn’t mind to have a look in it. We were walking in it, and it was all Aamasutra for us. You were again reprimanded by your mind, for not carrying your digi-cam. You noticed and liked the way those mangoes were arranged, whereas I just liked them. Never do I bother to notice about things I hate. We proceed further through that old-fashioned Mandai, and some more shops are visible. Now they have deodorants and body sprays on display. Some of them are even showing off those candies (for kids) and Ferrero Rochers. You had a quick question for me- are they original or duplicates? And I have no answer or I have an good uninteresting answer- I never try any stuff from here. So I have no idea.

Suddenly you make a mind to walk out of this Mandai. *i am now in my home after a good speed-walk from Thane Station to my home.* So when you are choosing the quick-available-exit, you are still checking some shops and walking. I am fearing of you tripping\stamping over the drunk-so-slept-man and I check your feet. You have no heels or flat heels. Relief- he won’t be injured for lying in the passage after being drunk. Out of the Mandai and I was very sure about you asking me anything about this lane that we are heading ahead. Precautions- I look at signboards of each shop and check out which street are we into. The shops there have a good practice of mentioning postal address on the signboards. Maybe that’s for the convenience of the Courier Services. And I find out that it was a street starting with S. *short memory- you know.* While we are walking in this lane, you are asking me what are the shops about. I have no idea, so I try to explain a terminology about Lanes there specializing in a particular stream. Like Chira Bazar for Medicals, or Princess Street for Educational Books and stationary! Smart you to look at some signboards and mention me that these are places where Made-In-China Toys are sold.

“But where is the lane heading to?” And I answer may be Bhindi Bazar. You speak out your desire to do some roadside shopping. And I have a serious NO to it (deep inside my mind), but I don’t put it in my words. Lucky me, its Sunday and most of the shops are closed. Or basically, no business. We take a left and keep walking straight to enter into Kalbadevi Street’s exit point. You pause for a moment and try checking for those Torans (darwaaze pe lagane waale) and ask a tag. The man wants you to hold one end of it and he makes it sound more attractive to you, with his tailored description. You were probly passing time and hence you put a no-buying-desire to move further.

It comes to my visibility that we are now near Metro Talkies. We pause a minute, to evaluate if we are close to Churchgate Station. I can confirm yes, because I see the high building of VSNL! You mention about an incident, where you casually inquired about something similar on roadside vendor and how he forced you to buy that thing. Good that you had a runaway! With these roadside vendors, I have a slight different policy. Either pay what he asks, or give up desire of buying that thing. Absolute no bargaining. We crossed the lane and struck in your eyes was a hoarding of Blood Donation Camp arranged today. You can read the time limits of upto 1:00 pm and you mention that you like to donate blood at such camps. We were walking over in the direction of Churchgate or that visible-VSNL-Towar. But the place didn’t seem interesting. We take a left in less than 10 meters and move back towards Mumbai C.S.T. With you desiring to have some junk food. You even mention about a deadline of 6:30 pm, for self to be back at home. Hmm. I get a closer look at Blood Donation Hoarding and I check for Venue. It is Byculla East. We are now walking back to Mumbai C.S.T. And are parallel to Azad Maidan. I tried a guess when you asked about the maidaan and am lucky that it was right. We are now discussing Gandhis – of todays and yesterdays. You have a lot to say about it and I am dumb. So I keep hmm-ing about it.

Burrrp! Forgot to mention the good glass of Sugarcane Juice, opposite to Metro. I did see that Eeeks reaction of your’s, probly you might have seen a roadside-fly going under the crusher with the cane. Hadn’t I reminded him about Ginger and Lemon, he wouldn’t have added. I had a good-dehydrated-throat to gulp down the entire glass in one sip. But that doesn’t make a good impression. So I stop when I have done almost 33% of glass, and check yours. It was just 20% empty. You have few sips more, while you hint at the juice being good one. May be you didn’t want to voice the goodness of the juice. I like this way of silent treatment. And you are already done with your glass? I ask for a second one, while taking in my last sip. You nod for a NO. Now tell me true, if you asked me for a second one as a formality or you realized I truly wanted one more? Neva mind! I can have second one anytime. A sugarcane juice centre is close to my house and I frequent it! Did we discuss about the Award Functions that keep popping up on TV Channels with every new day?

I show you those road-side junk-food-stalls opposite to Mumbai C.S.T. Station building. Probly you were a bit concerned about its conditions? Something with regards to hygiene and stuff? I know, they are not so clean. And strikes me- Vitthal Bhelwala. We are walking down the lane which I think is the right lane for Vitthal Bhelwala. While walking, you now recollect the end to the JK Story. #Bet you didn’t notice, the JK story was lost somewhere, after we crossed lane near Times Of India building. Your next-quick-pause is the roadside Chinese Fan seller. You complain about the Air-Conditioning @ work and all the adventure around it. I seriously didn’t find good about those fans as they don’t give required amount of air. And what was your reason for not buying it? We are walking again to pause at almost-the-end of lane, thinking if we are in wrong lane. I express my sadness about mine blackberry not loaded with Google Maps to help us further. You pull out your Samsung Galaxy Y, to launch some Maps application which is not a Google Product. We take a sharp turn, just as sharp as the bottom of letter V. We are moving ahead and see some population, chilling or freezing around. I think its now time to call for someone’s assistance in locating the Vitthal Bhelwala. You point a paan-waala and I check with him. As per him, its walk straight and take a left.

Moving ahead, you notice the small-roadside-family-thing. They have a family settled on roadside, the lady cooking something there, a old-fashioned-cot lying there, a tree planted in a petjar, and a couple of wooden closets or wardrobe types. I only notice a live-black-colored hen resting there. You took 10 seconds more than me to notice it. And you are again missing your digital camera. Now as we see the left turn, I notice the Vitthal Bhelwala’s restaurant. You too noticed, but something else?

While are almost at the door of Vitthal, I am fearing if we are entering right door? Coz the last time I visited, the entrance was a-4-steps-above the ground level. This time it was on the ground level. Seems they have done a lot of renovations. We enter, while the waiter opens the door for us. My fear of opening the door goes away. Its a big-flop-show when you are walking on right-hand-side of your fraand and the door has fixed link (sounds like a mechanical engineer) on the left side. *imagine yourself and it may make you go ROTFL* Entering, we notice that only one table is occupied by a Gujju Family. Rest all empty and you didn’t realize it was your turn to select the table. Had it been my office cafeteria, I would have selected the best of Tables that I always prefer to lunch-munch upon. Settled in, waiter drops 2 glasses of water. Am dehydrated, so I take in entire glass. I guess that was too much of mine impatience, since you didn’t sip it at all. He refilled my glass and I had another half and he refills it again. I would now keep my glass very much out of focus to end this refilling-the-glass game. The menu cards are passed to us, after the Gujju family placed their order of 3 bhelpuris and the lady explaining something to their adolescent. I expect you to order and you ask me for “tell me, what’s special served in this place?” You had a Dahi-Batata-Puri on wishlist but you had the point in checking what’s the special dish served here. And I reply back about me being last here almost in 2001. 11 years back #RunAway. You continue with your wish-list and I add my Special Bhel to the order.

Now I didn’t realize why the twin babies’s  birth and health were in discussion, while we were waiting for the stuff? That was a real abstract discussion, with no relations to the day or time. And there comes mine Special Bhelpuri and yours Dahi-Batata-Puri. Only thing special about it was extra Cucumber and Tomatoes toppings on the Bhelpuri. Funny! I was expecting cheese shreddings there! Spooning in the dishes, we realize that its too spicy. Didn’t realize why you had to add some salt in yours as well as mine? Does it help reducing spiciness? Anyways, the Bhel ends and so does the Dahi-Batata-Puri. And you move all used-tissues in one plate, next spoons and later position the empty plate, under the one with used-tissues and spoons. Why this Kolaveri Di, when the waiters are there for this? Fine, your way of goodness to those humble souls. We are still discussing somethings while he drops in the bill, coz we didn’t order for an ice-cream or a lassi or a juice. Tray of saunf and sugar cubes is in as well. Payments done and we are now moving out. No, I intentionally didn’t tip them today coz they have already charged high for a simple thing like BhelPuri. Discussing something, you ask for a right and left. How could you not make it that we are to take a right now, when we entered from the left side to take a break here?

So we now take a right side and head right towards Mumbai C.S.T. Station Building. While we were figuring out the entrance to subway, we noticed we could just cross the lane, followed by a walk within railings and enter the station. On way, you ask why the street dogs are always brown? I have no Idea and you crack it there. Coz the black and white are taken by people as pets. And since their color is muddy, they are left on streets. You want to punch a coupon for your return journey to home, and also buy some additional coupon books. You now in the queue to get them. And we are talking about certain stuffs. Well, you notice something fishy with the uncle ahead of us. He seems to be very impatient soul, sent forcibly to this earth. He is trying to put an ear into our discussion, probably you thought this. I am not saying you are wrong completely, but the way he rushed after getting his ticket, I assume he was trying to listen to Train Announcements. Coz he rushed when she was announcing the train for Ambernath. A gal trying to get into the queue and you probably pushed her aside as it was your turn. Though she broke the queue and got in, when you were done with your purchases. That’s why may be you chirped, “Girls, I Tell you!” We had a quick chat about something random when the Andheri and Panvel train left the platforms in succession and next was Andheri.

A goodbye and may be you got into local-destined-to-Andheri. I really didn’t care to look back and confirm it. Coz I wanted to check schedule for my side of trains. While those closing chat, I saw the Slow train destined to Thane, leave the platform. I seriously thought, if it could be a simple Goodbye, I could’ve got into that train. And now am waiting for my train, lots of fast trains scheduled ahead and no slow ones. So I have to get into a Fast Train for Kalyan. Now please start reading from above what happened while I was in train.

Nevertheless, it was a good thing that the good time didn’t extend beyond 06:30 pm else I would have delayed being at home. Comforted completely after getting into my home, I got to enjoy Kahani Comedy Circus Ki’s Jodi-Exchange special episode. This date should have been more fun of another 2 friends had joined as well.

Readers, now don’t think I was dating her. We are still good friends, so far. I don’t know when it would peak out and we look for spaces for each other. It was just another way of mine to write about a meeting with a friend, when I was feeling too low or sick.

And did you realize, not for you Readers, we met exactly few days before we complete 6 months to our last meeting? I bet you didn’t. And we get amazing dates to make memorable moments.

First > 09/10/11

Second > 01/04/12

Point to be noted!
All the time, you were trying to sell me a Samsung Galaxy Y Phone.

You have even attempted to push me for a show of Kahani. Dunno if I would make it or not!!!

Somewhere we even discussed about color racism in our country.

Something about your Landlady was also discussed.

You probly now know, how lazy I am.

The Lunch Adventure I had today, is yet to be blogged.


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