Know more about Me, We, Us – Taureans!!!!

am down and in worst of my moods… this is the only thing that cheers me apart from an Smiley-Recieved-over-IM…she is really driving my mood good now…. sharing with you some of the tweets below… they have been tweeted about Taurus by @AllAboutTaurus… do follow the handle on twitter, if you are one of them or if you want me to know till the end of your life…!!

A real #Taurus doesn’t care about who gets the credit.
thats fact… I don’t care much…

#Taurus doesn’t look for love cuz it always finds them.
may be… no idea… projects and tasks have always hatched me out of my egg…

#Taurus is not just the best sign in the entire #zodiac. Best Lover, Best with money, Best at completing work all that plus we be #humble.
I won’t feel bad even if you insult me more than once.

The saddest thing about the powerful #Taurus is that they think walking away is a sign of being secure, rather than dealing with the hurt.
why do I hurt myself more dealing with the hurt that I have been gifted already?

The #Taurus is complete with or without you.
no doubt!

#Taurus are methodical but flexible.
yeah. I am that flexible that I can adjust myself like a baby-in-the-womb if there is less room to zzzzZZZZ.

#Taurus sincerely wants life to be steady, and stable.
But do they get it? its been a roller coaster for my mind always.

if a #Taurus has something to tell you they’ll take you aside rather then tell you in front of people.
so don’t think I desired the world to know about your open zipper.ย  I was just waiting for you to get off your circle of buddies.

A #taurus will go inside themselves for days and it has nothing to do with you. we love to re-energise, think, and plan.
Now don’t ask me why I deactivated my Facebook account.

How can you tell a #taurus is in a relationship? They will talk to you without trying to get to know you.
abhi tak usko maalum nahi hai re…. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

If you notice that someone else wants you then you been here too long. #Taurus will let you go.
yeah! I allow you to go away and come back at your convenience.

It doesn’t take very long for a #Taurus to calculate all your strengths and weaknesses maybe 5 minutes.
but it takes a good time to write a blog about you, by a #Taurus.

The first thing you learn is how to speak to a #Taurus. The rest is easy.
seekho kuch iss tweet se…. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

Don’t ever try to outshine a #Taurus.
we are black colored diamonds.

#Taurus men don’t need to flirt they can tell when pussy be twitchin’

#Taurus know your a fake and you pretendin’ to act all busy and that shit is crumblin’ around you they just want to cheer you up.
no. I don’t intend to distrub you on Gtalk or Yahoo IM or any other IM.

The relationship contract with a #Taurus is ‘You can get head but you can’t have my heart’. That you’ll have to work for.
You need to work really hard hunting for my heart. But let me think, do I have one?

#Taurus will tell you who you are without disrespecting any aspect of the relationship.
So don’t feel tattered when I said something to you. As I would always take you to a corner to mention that thing.ย 

1.Loyal, 2. Patient,3. Possesive,4. Materialistic,5. Harmonious,6. Sympathetic 7. Nature Lover,8. Stubborn,9. Jealous,10.Sensual = #Taurus
I hope aap samajh gaye hai…

#Taurus won’t come on to you instead they will create a safe environment where you can come on to them
That’s why I prefer a meeting place to be somewhere in Thane.

If you love someone set them free. if you love a #Taurus don’t take the chance
Seriously. Don’t take a chance to test us.

So far you know you’re loyal, patient, hardworking, and slightly stubborn but did you know a #Taurus can achieve anything.
Yeah!!! Truly.

A #Taurus is more likely to be single then to be with the wrong person.
Now don’t ask me when am I getting into a life-time-committment.

A #taurus will put everything into a relationship so when it ends they will stay single for a long time.
Jaan laga dete hai, humlog.

The #Godfather made you an offer you can’t refuse right well a #taurus makes you an offer you can’t afford… #expensive tastes.
Walkout if you can’t bear it!!!

For a #taurus when the trust goes so do you
So true!

Upset #taurus will take it far and always further than you thought.
But we keep it to us. And do not spread that to every face we bump in.

#Taurus give love unconditionally.
Did I ask you for any bucks, when I was talking nice to you?

The more problems a #Taurus deals with the stronger they get
hmm. Just that I would still keep away of dogs.

#Taurus plan with the most intricate detail
And now you realize why my Blogs (including this one) end up being tooo long.

#Taurus are usually shy with strangers
hmm. #facepalm

Unlike the rest of the #zodiac that chase after what they want the #Taurus is known for drawing the things it want to them.
No no. I don’t pull things to me. I thought I was magnetic.

The love of the #Taurus grows with time
Yes. Just give me some time more, to express it.

#Taurus are actually secretly embarrassed by not being in a good relationship.
aisa kuch nahi hai. am happy in my heart for not being in a relationship yet.

Patience is a trait that #taurus have an abundance of. While everyone is stressed out #Taurus is always chillin’
Do you realize why am I chillin when you all Engineers are struggling down assout. Coz I am a Taurean and you aren’t.

#Taurus don’t count on anyone
Yes! That why I like this line of Lucky Ali – Ghar ko main nikla, tanha akela.

If a #taurus doesn’t give you a strait answer when you ask them something. Then something is really wrong.
hmm… accept it.

#Taurus want to increase the happiness where ever they go.
That’s I keep bombarding you with sick jokes. Either the jokes beings a smile or the sickness of it.

If you can clear Ur mind and let Ur ego go and allow a #Taurus to help you without all the negative implications they will show you results.

#Taurus are never in a ‘rush’ to connect with someone.
Yeah! And that’s why she got connected to someone. ๐Ÿ™‚

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland born 21 April 1926 #Taurus
Oye! Rani bhi apne jaise PJ maarti hai kya?

A #Taurus will rather let Karma get you then to seek revenge cause really what goes around comes back around ma baby…

If you say something to a #Taurus they will make you stick to your word.
We don’t want to put the beef back in yo mouth. Its just we are reminding you, so that no one else keeps a beef against you, if it isn’t us around you.

It’s not that you can’t hurt our feelings but because a #Taurus is so resilient they will be less likely to show it.
The area under the linear portion of a stress-strain curve is the resilience of the material. #OkBye

A friendship with a #taurus is not about money it’s about being able to share your thoughts with each other and most of all have lots of fun
The next time we catch-up, we can even enjoy a Wada Paav instead of a Burger?

#Taurus love punctuality and have no patience for those that don’t.
hmm…that’s why I keep blasting at times on my workstation.

#Taurus don’t follow fashion – fashion follow #taurus
ummm… I am setting a trend if I am walking in a Green trouser with a Maroon shirt!! LOLz!!

People love #taurus but don’t know why.
Or may be they don’t want to admit.

From time to time a #taurus will set you a task. Not to test you but to know who they are dealing with
So don’t ask me for any results. The results are intended for me.

#Taurus sometimes concentrate too much on the goal and not enough on the process.

#Taurus hate repeatin’ them self
Don’t ask me again why I mentioned this one!

Being famous is the least important thing to be for a #Taurus
#facepalm, aap log fir bhi mujhe limelight mein dhakel dete ho. Especially, when you address me by my name in Elevators at work.

#Taurus like to avoid arguements…
hmm. coz they make us burn up all of our Vitamins.

#Taurus don’t like change, insecurities, manipulative people, ugliness, vulgarity, and anyone who tries to be controlling
Double check yourself if you took a shower before coming for a meeting with me.

#Taurus will not stoop down to your level
either downer than you or dow till you. #Bet you didn’t realize its Dow, Down and Downer.

#Taurus will let you think that they don’t know that they really know you lying so that they can watch how far you sink into being stupid.
hmm. good thought.

#Taurus have the worst temper in the Zodiac and the best sex.
Sure about former!! !@#$%^&*() about later. Decode it, your way.

There’s three ways you can do things 1.Your way 2. The wrong way and 3. The way a #Taurus wants you to.
hmm. and you would certainly follow the 3rd one.

A #Taurus will stay away from people who make things complicated.
now you realize it? why I keep my mouth shut?

#Taurus are introverted, secretive, conservative, cautious, trustworthy, and extremely sensitive in all senses, and comfort seeking.
so introvert, I can’t shreik when my finger is truck in the door and is squeezing, as the door shuts. or my heart is crying but with no tears in eyes. #TheMardFactorย 

#Taurus’ can pretend to be excellent listeners
so do not assume if I am nodding YES to your speech.

#Taurus can be as slow as a turtle in relationships.
hmm. may be she knows it now.

#Taurus are trustworthy this allows people the freedom to confide in them their secrets…
I know what you did last weekend with her! #DarkSecret

#Taurus need air, food, water and time to think
There is no use of mind to think!

When we dump U & months later U want to reconnect we know U just want a chance 2 dump us it’s ok. #Taurus have compassion for sore losers
Go Ahead! Hurt us again! And walk out finally, if you are done with your revenge. or we don’t mind a death more than twice.

if you tell a #Taurus something sad well you think you’re hearing laughter but it’s just the way I cry.
That’s why I like attending Funerals and Cremations. Yet to blog on one of my experiences. Within minutes, Equity Markets and Politics are the best discussions.

#Taurus personality is centered around money, beauty and stability
I didn’t knew this.

A real #taurus will always be the bigger person and apologize.
So true.

A #Taurus can seperate love of money from the use of money.
That’s why I have 2 accounts. HDFC for love of money and ICICI for use of money.

#Taurus can seem emotionally void at times with an inability to understand how you feel.
Only at times. So don’t shove this in my mouth everytime.

A #Taurus can see the humour in every situation
That’s why I have a smile on my face everytime.

#Taurus speak from the heart they don’t sugarcoat reality…
I just need lots of sugar in my coffee.

and this is for the good-taurean-female-friend that I know for almost a year now…. don’t forget am a turtle…

A #Taurus female has a smile that lights the entire room up.

her smile just blew up my Expensive Power Saver bulb…


6 thoughts on “Know more about Me, We, Us – Taureans!!!!

  1. hahaha… nice!!

    A #Taurus is more likely to be single then to be with the wrong person. was soo true

    and even

    A #Taurus can seperate love of money from the use of money.
    Thatโ€™s why I have 2 accounts. HDFC for love of money and ICICI for use of money. was just lol!!

    and this one

    A #Taurus can see the humour in every situation
    Thatโ€™s why I have a smile on my face everytime. hehehehehehe

    was good fun reading!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ nicce nice nice!!

  2. I found myself in each pf those lines you had written for the nature and characteristics of taurians.That’s me and i’am the bull.Thank you for this.So far this had been one of the most accurate traits of taurus that i have come across.

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