Can I claim it? No, Dilli.

This one would take me and you a little back, in 2005, when I was working with an Life Insurance Company #GetOutOfLICSickness . This is a Private Insurer, and I was into Tele Sales. We were obligated to close the complete deal on Phone and simply arrange for a pickup boy to reach there with an Application Form and comeback with the Form filled and signed plus the First Premium Cheque. The product that we were campaigning for was a Mediclaim kinda policy to cover all the  Medical Expenses. Advertisements were floated on television and in print media. Interested people can call on toll-free number or SMS on the mentioned number with a keyword. These Contacts were saved in our super-cool software – which collects the data, saves the data, allocates the data to us for calling them, all at few mouse clicks.

Being a complete amateur to the Corporate World, I liked this job because I was working from an air conditioned office, unlike my dad who has a business in uber-hot place named Bhiwandi. New to this policy, I was given all guidelines and was cleared off with all applicable caveats that we need to clarify with an Caller before making him an Customer or assuming an Sale or Calculating our Incentive for that Sale. And I was live to take calls from Customers in just 2 days!! I normally do a good job studying the product, so this wasn’t as tough as fighting corruption in the country.

A small dialogue that I had with an Person from Delhi. Lets name him Dilli in this blog as I do not remember his name now in 2012!

me: This is Jay at XXXX-XXXX-XXXX. How may I help you?

dilli: Hi this is Dilli, calling from XYZ!@#$%. And I wanted to know about this Policy of yours which is on last page of Hindustan Times.

me: sure. before I proceed with policy details, can you please confirm Date of Birth of person to be insured and whether its a Male or Female?

dilli: Its for both – me and my wife. I am xxx years and she is xx years. (now here am adding an extra x for his age as per Indian Customs, a Husband has to be elder… 🙂 LOL)

me: Great! Let me now explain you the Policy and calculate your premium amount as well…!

(no! am not on a typewriter to type junk. this is was the presentation of the entire plan. hope you took ten minutes understanding it which is as much as I took for presenting the plan and calculating premiums for both, to him)

dilli: So the plan sounds to be great. Because no one is providing Critical Ilness cover at the moment (do not forget, the moment is from 2005) in a Health Insurance. Well, do you cover maternity expenses?

Blasted totally. This is what I fear of. The questions people put are like a bowler bowling it to batsmen. Poor batsmen have no idea, on which inch of pitch is the ball gonna bounce it.

me: (still thinking what does he mean by maternity expenses. I randomly thought of may be admitting a child in hospital and then flashed, thats Padeatrics. Think hard what does he mean while you just choke in a sentence to keep the communication flowing. Coz till now I had a good rapport built with him and he was sounding to interested for this plan) Let me check Dilli, if maternity expenses are covered within this plan.

dilli: sure.

A Team-Lead on floor hears this last sentence of mine and waves me a hand to say NO! IT ISN’T COVERED. And I have no time to ask for a reason. So now I have to hunt for a reason while answering his query. Or sometimes we intentionally make it louder, so that the available person can get it in his ears and answer us- while we keep the communication flowing with the one on other side of  the phone. #SharingCallCentreSecrets)

me: Am back Dilli, and sorry. But the maternity expenses are not covered in this Policy.

dilli: you mean if my wife is hospitalized for delivering a baby, the expenses won’t be covered?

*awesome moment starts here* my mind questioning me and answering me at same time- Maternity Expenses ka answer mil gaya *lets consider a quesiton mark and a period as well here* ?.

me: exactly Dilli. Those expenses won’t be covered.

Now I am a watchdog to ensure he doesn’t ask for a justification. But do I have any other sentence to punch it before he asks me for a reason? Yes! The line is – xxxxx, When do I send my Pickup Boy to fill in form and collect the First Premium Cheque?

Bounce in and shove this line in his ears before he asks for a reason.

dilli: But why aren’t the Maternity Expenses covered?

I have lost the battle. Now I realize why Coulthard didn’t make in maximum Podiums than Schumacher, when I was very well with Formula1 Racing. Its a matter of micro seconds and I have failed like Coulthard.

me: Dilli, Insurance is all about covering expenses for the unfortunate events. Like someone’s death or critical illness. They don’t come with a notice to an Human, be it a male or a female.

(am adding as many words as possible to make the justification longer and like a slow-poison. He shouldn’t be left half-murdered… err… unconvinced and thus decline a sale. Mera incentive jayega nahi toh.)

me: and I guess the birth of baby isn’t an unfortunate event. People pray for years and years to get a baby, So this is not considered an unfortunate event and that’s why none of the Insurance companies cover it. (while I am putting this in his ears, I have no confirmation if none of the Insurers are doing it or not doing it.)

dilli: well, you have a point. Fine, send your pickup boy on xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. address – xxxxxxxxxxxxx.

me: Thanks Dilli for the information. I will ensure he reaches there on mentioned time. Have a nice day,

The call ends with all of LOLing around. The female colleagues were probably embarrassed, at the way I putt it in his ears. The TEAM LEAD (Male) was full-on trolling me down, “what reasons do you give people – fortunate and unfortunate events!!” But am happy about Dilli, who understood me and he paid the premiums to complete the enrollment.

This one is a memorable one to me, even years down the line. And there are many more incidents on my mind when I was with this Insurance Job.

I learnt – The more you hate it, the more faster it comes to you. (I always hated selling Insurance and that was my first job.)

You need to know – A call Centre job is damn tough to handle. Do not think, Guys and Gals are chilling out there. They are just partying hard after working hard for their shift.



2 thoughts on “Can I claim it? No, Dilli.

    1. Thanks Debajyoti! Yeah! If they implement, truly the ailing sector would just bust out.. 🙂 and Medicals…. I have no clue how would they survive?

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