Roti !!!



No! Am not hungry! Just done my dinner and the dessert of night tastes very dark. Not that I am feeling deserted on this Sunday night. Its just that I look forward to the silence @ 9:30 pm on Sunday night. No horns honking on the road or not even an auto moving. Just that TMT buses pass after regular intervals and reminds me- there is no Bharat Bandh tomorrow and I have to get back to work. No calories going in me right now but the sweetness of the silence of this night remains on my tongue.  Seems enuff! Let me ask you straight, if you have seen me feasting upon? You probly have or you haven’t! There is no third answer for it! Those who have, have seen for sure with this one thing – Roti!

Yuss! Roti seems to be the most universal thing in my diet! This Roti has to be obviously passing through the various of stages until its served in my Lunch or Dinner! With Momma making the Rotis, they are a perfect round, with the right number and size of the black spots on it, adding the nice mild burnt taste. I haven’t attempted ever to shape out one such thing. I might have tried sometimes to put it on flame and finish it off to be served to be finished off. With so much of craving around Rotis, I don’t care if they are good with Carbs or Prots or VitaMines! Who cares, since they fill my tummy and give me a satisfaction, at the end of the day?

Here I have developed some of the best combinations with Roti apart from the roz-ki-Subzee! And they are experimented for sure by me! Nothing’s imaginary out here! Get wild bout Rotis, if you like them and try the following combinations. Of course, Momma’s food discipline or diet discipline doesn’t allow most of the below combinations. But would she continue to be that stoney, when I make that puppy-face looking for a Roti?

Here are the Kill-o-rific Combinations of JKHoNa or probly, Jaguar Khona!

  • Rotis with Dal and Rice
  • Rotis with Pulao
  • Rotis with Bhelpuri
  • Rotis with Kanda-Poha or Aloo-Poha
  • Rotis with Khandvi
  • Rotis with Khaman Dhokla
  • Rotis with Thepla
  • Rotis with Batata-Wada
  • Rotis with Kanda Bhajji
  • Rotis with Tea \ Coffee or a hot beverage.
  • Rotis with Chivda
  • Rotis with Samosa
  • Rotis with Patra (Adu-wadi in Marathi)
  • Rotis with plain White Curd
  • Rotis with Apple or Banana or any fruit.
  • Rotis with Onions
  • Rotis with spicy Upma
  • Rotis with sweet Sheera
  • Rotis with Phaphdaa
  • Rotis with Dal Khichdi
  • Rotis with Sabudana Khichdi
  • Rotis with Theplas
  • Rotis with Mirchi ka achaar

Lolz! These combinations have whacked you or your mind out, totally? Well, the last one is to have Rotis a-lone. Believe me! They taste too sweet. You can feel the nature’s tiniest bestest taste which is hidden in the wheat. Now this is nothing to do with the Hindustani or Patriotic feelings. Its just the peace of mind required while lunching to find and feel the awesomeness of that rare sweetness hidden inside your a-lone-Roti.

Try the combinations if you haven’t, and even give a try to a-lone-Roti! Let me know if you didn’t feel that awesomeness.


6 thoughts on “Roti !!!

  1. so much thought & so many accompaniments for roti …we just stuff them in without a thought…..but ask a hungry child what he thinks of roti….i am sure he will surprise us all .

  2. Nice ! I also like Roti . We call Roti as ‘chappathi’ also. I attempted making it a few times, but getting the round shape by rolling was very difficult 🙂

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