Wilson Raj…errr…. Witson Raj… Dark Cuteness!!!

Darkness is an always avoided factor in a life. We celebrate festivals to get rid of darkness from our life. Darkness is also a matter of abhorrence. Darkness has always been devil’s color, be it a Hollywood movie or a Ramsey Bro’s movie. Kids do fear of anything that’s dark. I was always under presumption that Cupids are white with curly hairs! It was a bit tough to embrace the fact that, this Cupid is a dark chocolate colored and has gelled his hair! And this Dark Cupid works in same division as mine!

Let’s fine-tune his name from Wilson Raj to Witson Raj!

Folks been close to him or a part of his team, would indubitably agree with the fin-tuned-name. As a habit, I normally try analyzing people and their wavelength! But with Witson, the study seems to be never ending! He has a new shade of darkness to unveil, almost every new day! He has been associated with the firm for almost 5 years or more. Though the first time ever he gave his appearance to me, was in May 2010 when he was moved to my division.

With deadlines defined, the Systems Transition Project (keep it simple, silly! #note2self) was in full-swing. It was when, he was migrated to our Team. Over the 5 working days, we work out with users and plan for their system migrations over the weekend. The actual migration of systems takes place over the weekend. The migration was an process of absolute teamwork – for each stage of migraion there were separate teams involved. Monday morning, we are the ones to be available at User’s desk while he does a login. Describing every single change that he sees in his system. It was a bewildering project so far.

One such Monday Morning, we had a list of Systems migrated. It included Corporate Division, Equity Research and probly even Technology Division. Available Engineers were distributed amongst the Divisions to go ahead for support at opening hours. I have no idea of who did that. It was Witson then approaching Rusty and team, hunting for a matching tie. That’s when I saw the Dark Cupid for the first time. The first appearance – he looks like a wild cat, scuffing the ground with paws, ready to attack the diffident mouse. Next moment – he was on his knees asking for tie to everyone! He didn’t sound that ferocious cat, probly. I have 2 ties, new ones. I wave him to show the 2 available. His eye-balls catching a the colors and he chooses the grey one. While putting on the knot, he is into another dilemma. Assuming an impasse he voices his question – “Rusty, mere saath kaun aayega Corp mein?” Rusty too looking for an option and I am visible. “Khona aayega tere saath..” is what Rusty says. “Chal Khona..” is what Witson says.

Khona and Witson > now moving out of the main entrance of floor > towards elevator > Witson now realizing something’s wrong with his knot > enters the restroom intended for visitors > Khona waiting in the lobby for elevators > enters in one of those elevators when Witson is back with his proper knot. On 10th Level, we enter the Corporate Services Division. The ice-berg still on between me and him. Not a single word has been spat out yet, from both of us, to each other. But a million word been spoken by one side of mine to the other side, of mine. What is he up-to? The first thing that he speaks to you, would be a question or an statement? If a question, what it would be? If a statement, what that would be? Now does he really know what are we heading for, coz he sounded under a dilemma when he was checking whose accompanying him? Does he know what are we supposed to do there in the Corp Division? He seems to be confident but probly has no technical-know-how and that’s why he was fearing to go alone?

We enter the Corporate Division which operates in an enclosed area. Don’t ask me why? Everyone waving a HI to Witson and nothing to me! There I am bit taken back to wonder what was he worrying bout if everyone there, knew him well? Settling down each user with his Day-1 Login on the new systems, we were moving back towards our desk. Within the process of settling users with new systems, we might have spoken a lot but limited to only work purposes. Back to desk > we are back at our tasks > time for Lunch > the team moves out > at the luncheon > the bollocking starts > Shinde been the most-probly-Bakra of bollocking > but it was Witson as well today. The Project progressed and the days passed by with 2 sessions of bollocking anyone but everyday – Breakfast and Luncheon. It was sometimes me been bollocked by the group, and I used to wonder about his way of remembering fellows around, with their characteristics. #Note2self – Witson seems to be a keen observer, Beware! Probly in a week you realize, he is the second one who is visiting to everyone’s desk > handshake with you > ask you “How are you?” or zimbly “Good Morning!” If Witson is the second one, The first one to do it? Rusty!! Another of the leaders, you would prefer to be lead by. I bet, you didn’t notice the word “second” – #NowReadItAgain2Notice.

Days pass by and it will be 2 years, this May 2012 that I know him or probly half-know him or may be just know him bout 10% of what he is. I catch him up on Facebook one day, and explore to find out that he is married and has been gifted a Daughter – Pearl. #Note2self – He seems to be a proud daddy to Pearl as he has her name tattooed on his wrist when he was at HongKong on a Business Trip. Today we are working from Kensington for almost a year. The bollocking sessions are still on, even if Rusty is no more working with us.

Some more things that I have known, bout Witson, in all of the time spent —>

#note2self – Witson loves sea-food.
#note2self – Witson can’t stay away from Alcohols!
#note2self – You might have fcuked his mind top-to-bottom, but he would never stop himself from addressing you “My Friend!”-#OnYourFaceAtLeast
#note2self – the previous #note2self designates him a Cute Boi, probly!
#note2self – Witson has a good personal life. As much as good is his professional life, no matter how much Vikash bollocks him.
#note2self – Witson’s Blood flows ten times faster towards his brain than a normal man!
#note2self – No one can say a NO to Witson even if he looks a devil. Fellows cutely acknowledge him a YES for his demands!
#note2self – Witson prefers Meru Cabs over anything to travel, probly.

I would enter the office Cafeteria with him and probly there are 20 pairs of eyes on me #IFeelItThatWay. I curse myself, why am I so popular for all those 20 pairs of eyes to turn towards me? Now I have always been avoiding the limelight here. Thereupon, 10 hands waving a HI to me #IFeelItThatWay. I don’t want to WAVE it now. Not at least so publicly, in a cafeteria. and there is another #note2self – they are waving at Witson! Coz he is the one acknowledging that. Am relieved! A flaming Tequila goes down your throat when you are forced to accept the fact – Of the 20 pairs of eyes looking upon you… err.. Witson, most of them were Estrogen! The Dark Cupid probly carries invisible arrows in his eyes and a invisible bow in his palm and shoots one at you, while he is waving a HI to you.

Now don’t expect me to write another 1000 words to justify, why I fine-tuned his name to Witson. Go! Get yourself bollocked once with him! or follow him on facebook !! Or drive out on a vacation with him to explore his tattooed body. Trust me, he is carrying more than 1 Tatoo!!


2 thoughts on “Wilson Raj…errr…. Witson Raj… Dark Cuteness!!!

  1. Wow what in interesting title….Buddy eve just made me the worlds first dark and ugly cupid…lol….Well just loved to read this article though the article digs on my life and the way I am…loved the way you’ve put it in words….You have just navigated so well on my first day in our team…loved it…You have an undeniable talent of writing my friend….Keep up the good work….you just made me famous….Just hoping that ppl in the office now don’t address me with the title you’ve just given me…..

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