Awesome Moments #1

Day passes and In my firm’s transport facility in moved toward home, with the fatigue being a hectic day. I need to have something that’s Music or Muzic or sometimes Moozic! Its Moozic when am highly frustrated. The hands-free wires are always a best puzzle to make you more angry! The desperation of listening to Moozic is directly proportional to the time taken in solving the hands-free puzzle.

The puzzle finishes and I am now scrolling through the Gallery to select a track that makes me best comfortable at that weary moment. Most of the time its hip-hop or some dirty moozic! Probly, Strings, Kamal Khan and Adnan Sami! Or not to forget the Bollywood – Desi Boyz, Dus Kahaniyan, Kurbaan, De Dana Dan or even The Dirty Picture! Most frequently played? Strings or Desi Boyz!If Strings, its Ajnaane or Aankhein or Duur or Dhaani! Strings is not a very well-known band. Originated from our cric-rival-nation Pakistan > Bilal & Faisal > are popular only among a few pair of Indian ears. A special craving for Anjaane as it suits the time, and it is played back2back may be for 3 times as well. Fuck! the journey is very short, else it could go up to 10 times #back2back!

With these 8 lines of Anjaane, I dare to check whose on the extreme left of me or on the other side of passage. Most of the times its Zen and sometimes its Prakash or Brinda or Kamlesh. If they are awake, they give a check-out too, accompanied with a smile! With Amrita in the seat, she has her face stuck out of window on her left! Whoever it is in that seat, doesn’t matter to me and there is an instant smile on my face. Reason are those 8 lines of Anjaane. What do the 8 lines say? Here it is!

yeh rasta mera,
yeh rasta tera,
hai dono ki manzil juda!

hum do humsafar,
hum do ajnabee,
hum dono ka ek khuda!

huaayyyyy beghaane kyun?

huuaaaayyyyyy, anjaaaane kyun?

The meaning behind these 8 lines is too easy, yet too deep to be understood. The road is same for me as it is for you, though we have a different destiny. We are traveling together, yet we are strangers! Despite of being strangers, we offer prayers to the same one – our Almighty! Now when our destiny is so close, we probably keep off from knowing more about each other! Coz we are busy wrapping up our own mess of hands-free, blackberry, office bag or some mags \ novel etc. And when we are at our destination, we probably cut our discussion to simply say Goodbye! Out of the bus, and we only know our family!

With such a co-relation to our daily travel routine of those 8 lines. It certainly brings a widest smile of the day, on my face! And fellows often mistaken it for a naughty thought on my mind or if am stalking anyone!


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