Jay aur Veeeru!!!

He is 3 now and still cute as ever! He keeps me amazed with his new gimmicks! Also is amazing his ability to mimic adults. He answers questions with good wit and just like an adolescent. He is now in pre-school and seems to be enjoying the phase very much. As soon as he is back to home, the only thing on his mind is the Homework-Sheets. Seems already preparing to be a Doc or an Engineer! That’s my nephew – Veer!

I was just feeling comfortable while I was back to my home from a week-long vacation in Lonavala (a hill station, about 90 km away from Mumbai). Initial 4 days I did enjoy the place very much and remaining 3 days, I was very much missing Mumbai. My bestestest friend says that’s because I am more attached to my comfort zone and don’t want to be troubled at all. The vacation ended & I was back to my home with my Tata SKY & my computer and within no time I again slipped into my comfort zone with my TV surfing & face-booking! Call from my Bestestest friend & another one – made up my mood. Made a final call to a very good friend to complete the troika. We got into the discussion of Veer as well & I was again into the bad mood (only for a moment)! This good friend of mine mentioned about her assumptions! She had once assumed I am a father to Veer….. 😦 😦 😦 (Though it’s normal for her to assume as I used to track every small thing of him and share it with world on Facebook!) With my older Facebook Profile, I had an album of his Kodak Moments! But this thought of mine took me back to the old days!! Days when he was the newest member in our family!

Ever since he was 6 months old, he has been spending time with us at our place. Sometimes his stays have been as long as a week. Helped me a lot to learn how to manage babies!! Though parenting still remains the toughest and most-avoided-job for me! During his stay, I have to certainly compromise on a lot of things, including no-late-night-channel-surfing & face-booking. He has been a reason behind my smile as well as behind my embarrassment as well… J J !! I carry him always in my hands and avoid him to be on the ground, especially when we are not at home contrary to the elders wishes! They always want me to let him be so he learns things himself!! Sometimes, we take him to his favourite garden in the city. When me and momma are waiting for an auto to take him to the garden there are a lot of known faces looking at me in a surprise to see me with the kid!!! Feel embarrassed especially when the young ones look at me!! Thoughts running to my mind – “Don’t you think what you’re thinking! He isn’t my baby and I am still a bachelor! “Once a chick dared to ask me,  “Uncle, yeh 499 kab aayega?” Me answering her (with Veer in my hands), “Abhi aana chahiye!”. My mind answering her, “Uncle kisko bolti hai be? Teri umar ka hi hun!” and I had to handover Veer to my momma! No more embarrassment!

The bad is gone for the worst to come! At one of a family event! Amidst meeting-greeting everyone, momma bumped into one of her old-days-good-friend! It’s a normal exchange of pleasantries, What-Are-You-Doing-Now Interrogations and introductions to family members, both ways!  Veer still in my hands and Momma hasn’t introduced him to her! Momma finds another of her friend and turns to her for the same round of activities! I also try to move around with her!  There her first friend gets a chance!!!

She: What do you do?
Me: I work with an Investment Bank for their IT Infrastructure.
She: Is it a good job?
Me: Yes!
She: Cute baby!
Me: Yes!
She: What have you planned for his future?
Me: Why do I need to?
She: It is necessary to start financial planning for child right from his birth, for his financial and educational needs.
Me: His dad will take care of it!
She: You aren’t his?
Me: Am just a MAMA to him! He is my nephew!
She: Sorry sorry! I just thought he is your baby and I work for LIC India! Thought of helping you for his planning!
Me: (big smile) you may speak to his dad!!!

Time will pass by & Veer will grow up. There won’t be any more embarrassing moments like this but still I will cherish those moments as they remind me of our great bonding as Mama – Bhanja (Jay & Veeru as my bestestest friend calls us)!!!


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