One more of my favorite Social Animal…

Do I have the right word to describe her? Not yet. Even if I have
known her for more than 5 years. She reminds me of the first
introduction that I gave about myself, on one of the Yahoo Groups.
This Yahoo Group was meant only for KDO Community, and I got
membership as I am one of them. It was 16th December 2005, as per the mail still lying in her inbox. I don’t have any such mails with me as my mail ID keeps changing very frequently… 🙂

It was a simple introduction about who am I and what do I do? Some of my likes and some of my dislikes. Not sure what clicked to her and we got into a nice friendship. Exchanging emails and thoughts very
frequently. I even managed to find out the entire family tree of hers
with some randomly available information. Connecting the dots, with
Momma’s assistance was so easy to understand who is she? If I go
through the Dots, we have no relation. Overlooking the dots, we have a friendship, deep enough. Initially exchanging emails and gradually we exchanged our cell phone numbers. The friendship was not limited to emails exchanging pleasant wishes, but more of a discussion on stuffs happening around the world. May be she still has the copy and I would be happy to read them once again. With the exchange of cell phone numbers, we were now even texting as well as mailing. Talking on phone has always been a boring thing for me. Though times have changed a bit now, and i have some of the longest calls of about 44 minutes as well.

Today I look towards what we are discussing, and I find it easy to try
finding what we aren’t discussing. We have been exchanging so many
incidents of our life and exchanging our views as well on each of
them. We have even exchanged some mistakes that we have committed back in our life’s and how they have helped us improve today. A day starts with a Good Morning on Facebook and may be ends with a simple silly wish – “Good Night. Classy Dreams”. Classy Dreams has another story associated with it and that can be another blog of mine. We have a lot of things similar between us and if not, we like the contrasting as well. A more recent of similarity discovered is we like to yak yak a lot and hence we even write blogs. We have our individual spaces on wordpress and we contribute there – some of the best moments of our individual life. A quick one to mention, she loves reading books and I recently reinvented myself to find that I always loved reading books from my childhood days. The only difference is, I now love the books without pictures as against Pictorial Books in my childhood days. We like Pani Puri and Bhel Puri as well. There might be lots more that’s similar to us and I don’t feel it important to mention everything here!

Its probably tough to find a friend like hers, and who can accept the
most craziest factor of me as one of my special quality. Just gave a
thought and found it right to introduce her to the world, or my world.


2 thoughts on “One more of my favorite Social Animal…

  1. Ha ha ha Jay you could have used my About Me to describe me 😉

    On a serious note (Can we ever be serious???) I am honoured & have *khushi ke aansu* in my eyes..Thank you!!!

    🙂 🙂 🙂

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