7 20 am to 7 30 am – Its Teamwork!!

“Hi! Good Morning! is the Bus there?”
“Good Morning! It’s not yet visible.”
“Okay. Am on the way. Please stop the bus if you don’t see me at Cadbury.”

On another day?

“Yaar, bus aa gayi hai kya?”
“Nahi. Main khud abhi ghar se nikla hun.”
“Main bhi raaste mien hi hun. Bus ko rok lena agar aa jaaye toh.”

How about this day?

“Sunn yaar. Rickshe mein hi hun. Bus ko pakad k rakhiyo”
“Bilkul Bhai.
“Tu toh pahunch gaya hai na?”
“Haan. Abhi abhi.”
“Theek hai. MIlte hai fir.”

now this is one more…

“arrey parkaaasji, main abhi nikal raha hun. Bus ko roke rakhna.”
“kidhar pahuncha hai?”
“bus joote hi pehen raha hun.”

Guessing what time it would be when so many conversations happen on the fone? Its 7 20 am to 7 30 am. A small duration of 10 minutes where men and women speak almost equal amount of words, against the biological rule of women speaking twice the number of words when compared with men.

We all work as a team. It’s almost every other day. Time runs so fast when u wake up late. And then starts the team work. coordinating for the Bus to reach office. The Office bus has always been the most wanted vehicle after Auto Ricks for us. No one wants to miss it and soon as the bus reaches office, no one wants to stay in it. Its Zenaida n Prakash who might have called me the most. Second must be Chinu and I might have called sometimes Prakash and Chinu as well.

The first ever call from Zen to me, when she was new to our routine, was so weird. “Good Morning” was the first thing that i heard, when the bus had already left Castle Mill – heading towards Cadbury. As a normal habit, i missed to greet back the morning wishes and just mentioned that the bus is on the way! We were all men in the gang and men really don’t care about greeting before discussing. It always an emergency moment, especially when the pursuit is for the Bus. Prakash always has the softer approach to first check about your status and later the bus’s. Chinu has a different one – the typical Delhites, short n crisp… Suniyo… Rakhiyo…!! and once in a blue moon its me, calling up with usual nonsense – “parkaaasji… or sarmaaaji” 😛 😛 😛 😛

Times have changed. Now we have more people at the Castle Mill stop, waiting to get into bus. And thus more cell numbers in everyone’s phone-book and more networking. More number of Good Mornings exchanged. Now I do manage to greet back good morning to Zen, Chinu has become more regular at bus-stop. Prakash starts his day late as per London shifts, got new buddies – Amit, Dhiraj & Govind. But the importance of 10 minutes i.e. 7 20 am to 7 30 am is still the same.


2 thoughts on “7 20 am to 7 30 am – Its Teamwork!!

  1. Ha ha ha..i can totally relate to this..aur itni aadat ho gayi hai..ke train ke liye bhi hum log aisa bolte hain..are rukake rakh main abhi pahunchti hun..lol..

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