A push is required!

It was the same silly morning! 8:15 am and we were dropped at gate no. 2 of Kensington SEZ by our bus! Everyone wants to reach their desks as quicker as possible, but not me. Might sound lazy but, I always prefer to be the last one to get off from the bus. Even if I always occupy the first row, behind the driver. Every employee stares me while getting down the bus. Everyone’s stare asking me the same question – return ghar jaa raha hai kya? And my eyes questioning them in return – tu desk jaldi sarkar bachane jaa raha hai kya? I like it when the eyes do the talking and the other person is not your friend!!

Today, a buddy from another team, stopped for a moment > signaled with his hand > his hand movement asking me in a respectful manner > or telling me “pehle aap!” (Even though it was only 2 of us left in the bus to get off). Out of the bus and we have to walk about 5 minutes through the parking lot at -3 level! This 5 minutes might be 2 minutes for those energy-full-employees! Its a patch of journey, full of pillars, cars parked by, a humble scent of exhaust of petrol! Sometimes the parking lot reminds me of Ranakpur (Rajasthan), the temple which has about 1400 marble pillars with no carvings repeated on any one of them. And the walk ends when you see the elevator to reach to the lobby of the building. Change the elevator and this elevator will take me to 5th level of building, that’s where I work from! It was no different today, except for the buddy who was with me, walking slow to match my pace. A casual exchange of news flashes heard over night. Or some assumptions on how would be the sensex, based on any news about the euro zone. We realized, elevators would be crowded as 2 more buses grounded in the SEZ! We were at our same easy pace and people were taking over us. Might be about 50 of them passed ahead of us. Approaching the elevators, estimating the crowd & capacity of an elevator, door open and close time estimates, we both concluded it would be a tough time. We were almost close to elevators when I silently whispered to him, “let’s use the staircase today…” And there I see a big chunk of employees moving towards staircase. Impatient they, can’t wait for the elevators! This sight made me not to complete the sentence, in whisper! And I continued, “…is the wrong thought! Let’s wait for the elevator!”

He agreed. Now we were about 12 waiting for an elevator. There are 2 elevators. One of them indicates current level as “L” and other one as “-1”. I didn’t care to have a look which direction they are traveling to! Back to our casual chat for those last minutes! A quick look at indicators, one is at “-1” and other at “-2”. They are yet to come. Some more chat, and again a look. The one at “-1” had moved to “-2” and one at “-2” had again moved away of us to “L”. Everyone’s now growing impatient. People with blackberries can be impatient, as they are aware of any situation at office or a service disruption affecting business. But what rights do the others have (who don’t have a blackberry). They have to anyways reach to their desk > unlock their workstations > and launch Outlook for the surprises waiting there > and then no need to be impatient!

Another 2 minutes passed and I give a look at the positions – from “-2”, it has moved to “-3” (that’s where we are waiting). The one at “L” is again traveling towards us, was at “-1”. These positions of elevators are good enough to wake up people. Everyone pulling up their backpacks on the shoulders, making it more good looking perhaps. Everyone arranging their positions in front of the elevator doors. The ones with Blackberries, have managed to plan at least 3 ways to tackle out the situation – only once they reach the desk. The ones without Blackberries, still thinking about what’s the breakfast menu in Cafeteria! We both as well into our closing our chats. Suddenly I realize, we have been trying to close the chat for long and it hasn’t closed yet. Neither has the door opened. The closing of chat is easier if the door opens. It just doesn’t take that longer, once you see the position of elevator at “-3”, to open the door. But who has the right conclusion that the time has been longer than normal to open the door. We both, took a look at “-3” position and waited for a minute. Another one, took a look when our minute was over.

Maybe he assumed a minute from that point and we had to add that minute to our wait as well. Another 3-4 people assume a minute, sequentially. Thus we ended up in more five minutes added to our wait, probably. Let’s consider, that sometimes few moments are equivalent to minutes here. Something runs through my mind and the wait has become irritating for me now. I have to look out for an alternative. If the elevator’s current position is at “-3”, for approx 3 minutes now, the door must have opened by now. In fact the employees should be in a different argument now – who needs to move out of the elevator and wait for his next chance or help the world around by moving out of elevator, thus stopping the overload beep? I even like it when the elevator throws an overload beep and people do the eye-talking, “you need to work out in the gym. Its you who is the reason for this beep.!” Someone would think, “I was never that heavy to let the alarms ring at my entry. Why should I?” Nothing of that sort happened. I give a closer look to see the red lining of Diode missing around the Elevator-Call-button.

“Oh shit! No one pushed this. Why would it open then?”, was the only sentence that came out of my mouth while I pushed the button. A feather-push to the button and people experienced the doors of heaven opening for them.  Limited people rushed in with no elevator overloading. And we were in as well. Finally to the “L” and into second elevator to 5th Level > to my work station!

That’s why a push is necessary in life! Good Morning!


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