social animals that i have met… :-) :-)

I had heard his name for a couple of months now. Ketan always used to tag his name for multiple reasons while we used to have 1-on-1 chat. So does Janak and few more KDOzZ..! Somehow I managed to have a look at his facebook profile. He had tonnes of things mentioned there, I guess which I never read in initial days. Huge number of friends on his buddy-list. Simply hit the button to “+Add as Friend” and complete the formalities. Once accepted, add to relevant group. If the social-animal comes online, chat with him a couple of times to attempt understanding him or else then go to the Profile Page for information and explore the Facts of the social-animal. That’s the strategy I use…:-)

With this new social animal, I added him to my Facebook Buddylist, but never really read about his Information. Or neither did I get a chance to chat with him. Or possibility is that I might have ignored him because those were the days when farming was in progress, pooore jorose – on my farm as well as on the social-animal’s farm. We might have unknowingly gifted so many chickens, goats, maple trees or strawberry trees or even plowed and fertilized the farm, gifted bushels for our spa but never really spoke over IM. Neither did we exchange our Digits. I never bothered about his native in Kutch or where on earth he resides. Neither about his family tree. Not even about his education and qualification or if he is working.? We were just farming and gifting.

One fine day I saw a Gateway of India on his farm or Nariman Point probably (created of those special fences, which could be stacked up and up to form a tower). I now realized he is crazzzy about Mumbai. This makes a good reason to try understanding the other person, since yourself also crazzy about Mumbai. You now set up his Status updates to come to you as an SMS. He writes a couple of facts about Mumbai as his status and you now understand that he is liking Mumbai in a different manner. Animals of Mumbai would never worry or attempt to explore facts about Mumbai. If done a deep research, every inch of Mumbai has a significant history. So you would think of following his page for this not-so-common information. Sometimes you would even come to know that the social-animal was into Mumbai but a celebrity-like-handshake with Mumbai, which lasts for few moments. And when he is gone, you think you missed the opportunity of meeting him in the real world.
One fine day, you find he has a blog page setup which is always updated with every new local issue popping up on the media. No, the page never shows what the media says. If that was the case, I wouldn’t have visited this social-animal’s blog page. His approach was always on the other side of the issue. Something that you would have never thought of or would have never read of.! He would even blog on the market conditions, including but not limited to local markets, equities, precious commodities, debt etc. etc. You would even read about latest scams and the inside out which probably “India Today” would also not know or wouldn’t dare to publish. 1 Status Update of him and 10 comments and 20 likes. This Social-Animal was truly popular in the World of Social Networking.

Finally comes the golden chance to meet this social-animal in person. Diamond Bhai’s planned meet on Chowpatty, followed by a walk till Nariman Point – the social-animal’s dream office address and the K-Rustam ka ice-cream treat. Surprisingly I don’t recollect what date was that but certainly in 2011. It was a highly planned event with a lot of unplanned people or shadow-scheduled-people. Some were for sure to make it – like Diamond Bhai and his family, Ketan, and social animal himself. Despite of multiple arguements in mind about the tasks for weekend, some more turned up – Me, Janak, Rajul, Priyanka, Pratya.! (I have a different story about how I met each of the names mentioned above. Let me attempt writing something about everyone – only after my research is completed). The first look of the social animal was awesome. And as usual amidst all new faces, I prefer to keep quiet. You are insane, completely silly and full of non-sensical-stuffs – but do not open your mouth to prove it. 🙂

On this Nariman Point event, I didn’t talk much to the social-animal but realized why was he such a social and why he got 20 likes and 10 comments for each of his Facebook Status updates. Today we are in optimum touch through e-World and the so-mutual-interests i.e. “Paisa – and uske peeche ki suchchai”. Some more to add are – Love for Mumbai, Love for a lot of non-sensical-stuffs (more of mine and less of his), Desire to get into research of anything and everything, and lastly our craze for writing – Project MKD..!


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